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If anyone's interested, I've produced a brief 24-page summary of the brewery changes between 2006 and spring 2011. I now have a few copies available which cost, inclusive of postage, £2.50 each for UK customers and £3.50 for the rest of Europe. Click on the PayPal button below to buy one but do please allow a couple of weeks for delivery as I'm not always around.

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18th September 2015


As suspected, Beim Jösl in Bad Waldsee does not brew. The 50 litre kit there was used for seminars but no more. Beers come from nearby Steinacher Hausbräu. (Paul Lockwood)

They no longer brew at Amadeus Hausbräu in Baden-Baden and the rather unusual equipment has been removed. Staff report the beers come from Karlsruhe but do not know which brewery. (Paul Lockwood)

Brewing is currently suspended at Glasmännlebräu above Baiersbronn due to temperature control issues. They hope to resume once the weather is cooler. (Paul Lockwood)

Sadly, the reported revival of Lindenbrauerei Meßstetten has proved to be incorrect and the brewery has in fact been dormant since c.1993. (Paul Lockwood)

Good news from Riegel. Previously mentioned as doubtful, Römerbräu has in fact just moved fifty or so metres to a different part of the former Riegler brewery. As before, they open Friday only 18.00-20.00. (Paul Lockwood)


Brewing at Vilstaler Stein-Bräu is suspended until February due to it being expanded. They actually operate at two sites in the village - the brewery and winter bar is at No.9a and the summer tap and beer garden at No.18. (Paul Lockwood)


The owners of Schalander are searching for premises with the intention of opening a second brewpub within the city. (David Hughes)


Good and bad news from Malsfeld. Hessisches Löwenbier no longer brews - all beer is now made at Hütt in Knallhütte. However, the brewery museum which occupies part of the site has had a tiny brewery called BrauWerkstatt Malsfeld since 2012. As well as being used for brewing seminars, small batches of speciality beers are made here and these can be found at the Hütt tap. None were on sale at the museum itself at the time of Mr Lockwood's visit. (Paul Lockwood)

Weschnitztaler Braumanufaktur has moved from Rimbach to Fürth (Odenwald). (Paul Lockwood)

The Alte Brauerei in Wolfhagen has closed, along with the tap. An internet search has revealed brewing ceased as long ago as 2008 but the tap had continued to operate, most recently under the name Marill. (Paul Lockwood)


The Neustadter Brauhaus closed towards the end of July. (Paul Lockwood)


AIDAprima is now officially in service. Like the four previous ships with breweries it has a glass mash tun and kettle but of 8hl capacity rather than 5hl, reflecting its larger size. A sixth ship with an on-board brew house may well follow.


17th September 2015


Schloßbrauerei Scherneck stopped brewing around this time last year. Their beers are now made in Unterbaar. (Paul Lockwood)

The tap for Schloßbrauerei Unterbaar has closed and has apparently been shut for five or six years. (Paul Lockwood)


Hops & Barley apparently have a second brewery a couple of miles from the tap. Located in a former cow shed, it has enabled output to double. (David Hughes)

Marzahner Börsenbräu no longer brews and the equipment has been removed. All beer is now made at nearby Bierfabrik. (David Hughes)

If you visit Zukunft Ostkreuz and wonder where the brewery is, the answer is a nearby railway arch. (David Hughes)


Bielefeld has one, possibly two new breweries to report. Located in the Senne district, Hotel zur Spitze has a tiny plant and produces just 50hl of beer a year, although no mention of this is made on the website. (Roman Drüg)

The crowd-funded Braustube Bielefelder Biermanufaktur may not actually brew themselves but appear set to do so. Despite the name, there is currently no tap. (Roman Drüg)

Does anyone know anything about GE Bräu in Gelsenkirchen? I suspect they may not brew themselves but am prepared to believe they may. Their two beers are sold exclusively at Burgers & Beer. (Roman Drüg)

One to keep an eye on is Gartenbrauerei Spörkelnbruch in Gruiten, near Haan. Although currently an impressive hobby brewery, plans to move into larger premises are at an advanced stage and once they have done so, commercial sales will begin. (Frank Ebertus)

It appears I jumped the gun announcing Aloysianum in Leichlingen. Although the pub is open, the beers will be made in Gemünd until at least next year. (Frank Ebertus)

As above, can anyone shed any light on Schadelbräu in Köln? I suspect they have the beer made for them and fill it themselves but this is just a hunch. (Roman Drüg)

Vredener Brauhaus no longer brews and it is unclear how long ago it last did. Beers now come from the Radeberger Group. (Roman Drüg)


Barely above hobby brewer status, Braukeller Bobenheim is a true house-brewery in Bobenheim am Berg. No regular outlets but the beer is sold at Bad Dürkheim's farmers market, at least. (Alexander Thamm)

Just over the hill from Bobenheim you will find Hettenleidelheim, home to the only slightly larger Hausbrauerei JeSa (Jens & Sascha). Beers can be bought direct from source by prior arrangement. (Alexander Thamm)


Oberdorla should have a brewpub before the end of the year. 800,000 Euro has been spent renovating the Marktmühle, including installation of a brewery supplied by Kaspar Schulz.


16th September 2015


BernardiBräu is a new microbrewery in Kranzegg, near Rettenberg. Opened in May, it can be found down a country lane between the aforementioned places. It opens for direct sales three times a week and the beers are available in a dozen or so local bars and shops. (Sascha Bruns)

Brandy's Braugarage has been operating in Wallersdorf since the spring. Located in a former car tuning centre, as well as the brewery they have an on-site shop, bar and beer garden. (Ralph Forster)


Berliner Berg Brauerei should be opening soon in Neukölln. Berliner Weiße appears to be high on the agenda. (Ludger Berges)


Rügener Insel-Brauerei in Rambin has now opened. (Uli Schmidt)


Moringen's Hausbrauerei Mollenhauer has closed after five years activity. (Sascha Bruns)


Arnsberg should soon have a brewpub. The brewing kit for Arnsberger Mühlenbräu was delivered in May but there is no word when exactly they will open. (Roman Drüg)


July saw the opening of Bahnhof Cues, a brewpub in Bernkastel-Kues with beers under the Casanus Bräu. It is located in the town's former railway station. (Roman Drüg)


There's a new microbrewery to report in Dresden. Trachennowe Braukunst is in the north-western Trachau district, not a million miles from the narrow gauge steam railway at Radebuel Ost. They open for sales on Saturdays. (Roman Drüg)

What is claimed to be Sachen's first organic brewery has opened in Schmilka, near Bad Schandau. A few hundred metres from the Czech border, judging by the shiny new 10hl coppers some serious money has been thrown at Brauhaus Schmilka. A tap is due to follow. (Sascha Bruns)


31st August 2015

There'll be plenty of news posted over the coming days. Here's a brief taster...


Right on the north-western edge of the city limits can be found the latest addition to the Nürnberg brewing scene. Eppelein & Friends is a tiny brewery on the Hahnenbalz industrial estate, just north of Buchenbühl and the airport. Brewing takes place at the weekend in equipment normally used to make Glühwein and the result sold at a number of outlets including their own shop and all three Bierothek stores. (Ralph Forster)

The first beers from Urban Chestnut in Wolnzach are now available. Brewing resumed at the former Bürgerbräu in June.