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16th October 2018


Does anyone know anything about Gässle Bräu in Bad Rappenau? They had a bar at the town's 'Craft' beer festival last month but I can find little except an address (Gässle 1) and an article form January 2017 reporting on the owner as a homebrewer. Is it now commercial?


An unusual new starter is G.Bräu in Brieselang which uses herbs rather than hops. Although they make some of their beer on their own 1hl kit (Schwarzes Schaf & Brüllender Bock), most is brewed at Petrusbräu in Trier and CraftZentrum in Berlin-Spandau.

Just 10km from Niederfinow (see below), Oderberg will soon be home to Haselbräu. Their beer garden opened last month but the first beer was brewed at Brewbaker in Berlin.


The long-awaited brewpub in Bad Sobernheim finally opened during August. rather than the previously anticipated 'Sobernheimer Brauhaus,' it's called Denkmalz.


Herz & Heimat opened last year on land that was once part of Brauerei Becker in St. Ingbert (closed 1993). It currently opens on Thursday and Friday evenings only.


13th October 2018


The Barnimer Brauhaus opened opposite the railway station in Niederfinow during June. They plan to open a small beer garden next year.


Anyone know anything about Brauzimmer? They appear to be commercial but don't publicise their address which always makes me suspicious.


The Burgwedeler Brauerei has opened in Großburgwedel but I've no information about outlets other than the local EDEKA.


The Ebbüller Brauhaus has been active in Emmelsbüll since last year. Their kit is also used by Branta Brauerei of Niebüll.


12th October 2018


There are plans for a new brewery in Bad Staffelstein but it's unclear whether it will be in the town itself or (like all other breweries in the area) one of the surrounding villages.

The Olivenbauer chain of Italian restaurants in the Allgäu continues to perplex. I visited the Füssen branch in July and was told by staff it brewed but I could see no sign of any kit and further questions were met with a shrug. It is now said another one brews in Waltenhofen. Gernot Wildung has told me he thinks all of them may brew with the deed done on what may be no more than a glorified homebrew kit but the beer in Füssen suggested something bigger than that - does anyone know what's going on?

Brauschmiede opened in Mainbernheim last month. It's run by seven friends appears to open around once a month.

Bruderherz opened in Nürnberg on 7th September. A short walk form the Hauptbahnhof, it's owned by Brauerei Gutmann of Titting but there is a brewery in the cellar.

Exactly one hundred years after it ceased, brewing has resumed at the Alte Brauerei in Uettingen. Zapfbräu is a small brewery in what was the pub butchery.


10th October 2018


Thomas Ernst opened a small brewery in Fürstenfeldbruck during the summer. His 'Silbersteg Bier' comes in four varieties - Hell, Dunkel, Weißbier and Bock.

Yet another new brewery opened in München during the summer. Haidbräu is in the Fröttmaning district and run by a mental health foundation. The first beer went on sale at the end of August.

There are plans for a revival of the Kommunbrauhaus in Neustadt an der Waldnaab, albeit at a different site to the original. The council has already bought a suitable building behind Stadtplatz 43.

Closed in 2015, it's been announced production will resume at Schneider in Weißenburg.


8th October 2018


Wolframs-Eschenbach should have a brewery again by the end of the year. Wolframs Bräu will be just inside the town wall.


7th October 2018


Krones have installed an experimental brewery at their Attaching site, between Freising and Munich Airport. To the best of my knowledge, it's purely for demonstration and not commercial.

There is a small brewery next to the mining museum in Goldkronach. Operated by a brewing club, the beer has appeared at least one event but I'm not convinced it can be considered commercial.

Just west of Rosenheim lies Stephanskirchen, a municipality of 48 communities. Stephanskirchen itself is now home to Simmseer Braumanufaktur, a microbrewery that supplies several local shops plus Wirtshaus Salettl in Landlmühle.

The brewery at Werkstätten St. Joseph in Neuensee is apparently trading as Main BräuWerk.


5th October 2018


Sudwerkstatt is actually in Mössingen, not nearby Belsen. (Paul Lockwood)

Only seasonal / special beers are made at BIERkulturGUT in Philippsburg. The standard range is brewed in Bad Rappenau. (Paul Lockwood)


Alles Elbe only brew occasionally in house with most beer being made at Landgang. They do advise when house-brewed beer is available on their website. (Paul Lockwood)

Only seasonal / special beers are made at Bunthaus in Wilhelmsburg. The standard range is brewed by Klüver's in Neustadt. (Paul Lockwood)


Der Amerikanische Freund in Bensheim closed at the end of August. (Roman Drüg)

Bramanufaktur Steckenpferd is yet another place which brews very little itself. Most of their beer comes from Witzenhausen, special and seasonal beers being made in house. (Paul Lockwood)


Brauerei Stebner relocated from Wolfenbüttel to Braunschweig last month. (Paul Lockwood)


It seems likely Zur Spitze in Bielefeld has closed as the restaurant did so in March. The hotel remains open. Confirmation would be welcome. (Paul Lockwood)

Brothers Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr opened Schnaff in Hückeswangen a year ago. The sole beer is an American Pale Ale called 'Jazz-Bier'. (Roman Drüg)

Weißbräu in Köln closed at the start of the year but reopened on Monday as Birreria - Deuxer Botschaft. They still brew. (Roman Drüg)


2nd October 2018


One of Franconia's largest breweries, Kitzmann in Erlangen, closed on Sunday. Kulmbacher have acquired the rights to the name and will brew some of the beers but presumably not the 16 that were made. (Gernot Wildung)


The mystery surrounding Lost Anchor Brewing has been solved. Their name changed shortly after opening and they are now called Einbar. Currently crowdfunding for a tap, the brewery can best be described as 'bijou'. (Ludger Berges)


The regular beers for Der Amerikanische Freund in Bensheim are brewed at Woinemer in Weinheim - only seasonal and one-off brews are done in house. (Paul Lockwood)

Atelier der Braukünste only trial recipes in Romrod. The beers sold to the public are made at Binkert in Breitengüßbach. (Paul Lockwood)


Mad Dukes Brewery is actually in Kissenbrück, not Wolfenbüttel. (Paul Lockwood)


Brauerei Kemker has moved from Lienen to a farm outside Alverskirchen. It appears the last brew in Lienen was at the end of April.

Privatbrauerei Rote Erde in Bad Holzhausen closed at the start of the year. (Paul Lockwood)

The Fleuther brewery should start brewing later this month, albeit on a small scale. Until now, the beers have been made at two other breweries.

Böcken-Bräu is actually in Hullern rather than Haltern itself. (Paul Lockwood)

Mein Sudhaus in Königswinter only brew on site during brewing courses. Their commercial beer is brewed in Bonn at Bönnsch, where the owner is the brewer. (Paul Lockwood)

Privatbrauerei Müller (a.k.a. Veischeder Landbier) in Oberveischede closed around 2014. (Paul Lockwood)

Holher Landbier has been active near Olpe for around a year. (Paul Lockwood)

It seems I was too quick to claim two breweries in Wassenberg. Braukeller stopped brewing in 2016. (Arndt Sonnenschein)

The Rainer tap in Welz has closed but the brewery remains open. (Paul Lockwood)


1st October 2018


Bad Wörishofen's Löwenbräu closed on 29th August. The site is set for demolition and reconstruction as a shopping centre with flats but there are apparently plans for a brewpub in the new development. (Andy Pratt)

It appears the new pilot brewery at the Bruckbach site of BayWa AG is purely for test brews which are not commercially available. (Paul Lockwood)

Schmölzer Dorfbrauerei first brewed in July last year and their beer garden opened last month. (Gernot Wildung)


Bräugier is a cuckoo brewery based in Prenzlauer Berg that plan to open their own brewpub early next year. The beers are currently made at CraftZentrum in Spandau but have also come from Hartmannsdorf. Even when the brewpub opens, some brewing and all bottling will be done elsewhere. (David Hughes)

It seems Lost Anchor Brewing may have been active since July in Tiergarten. Unfortunately, their website doesn't work and I can find little information beyond an address (Alt-Moabit 80, 10555 Berlin). Does anyone know more?


Bad Pyrmonter Hofbrauerei appears to have been active in Thal for around 18 months. I have sent them an email seeking confirmation they do brew in house but am fairly confident that is the case.


Hofbrauerei Bruchhausen is currently closed. The owners are open to offers but it's far from certain it will reopen. (Paul Lockwood)

Biermanufaktur Sarton in Düsseldorf closed during February due to ill health and will not reopen. (Roman Drüg)

There are plans for a brewery in Geldern. Fleuther beers are currently made elsewhere and are available from their own shop (the future site of the brewery) on the first Friday & Saturday of each month plus at a number of other outlets. (Paul Lockwood)

Coltro Brauservice is to move to a new location in Hürth next year, complete with a tap.

Marco Ottawa has visited Bäm Bäm Bräu in Köln where they confirmed they are hobby, not commercial brewers.

Wassenberg has had a second brewery since 2014. Brauerei am Roßtor / Rossberger Bier doen't appear to have a tap but the beers can be bought for the adjacent Bier & Wein shop, owned by the brewer's parents. (Paul Lockwood)