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30th September 2016


It would appear Brauhaus Budenschuster is already brewing as their Kellerbier is currently available at Gasthaus Adelskammer in nearby Carlsgrün. (Gernot Wildung)


29th September 2016


Does anyone know anything about Brauhaus Budenschuster in Bad Steben? There are photo's of a somewhat unusual brewery under construction on their Facebook page which mentions they are converting two farmhouses, one of which will be a tap, but there has been little posted since April. (Gernot Wildung)

Andreas Vilsmeier of Kalvarienbergbräu has been in touch to confirm they do brew. The brewery was expanded last year with new equipment and is not visible from the street, so what Paul Lockwood saw was presumably old kit in storage.


16th September 2016


The first of two new breweries to report in the Bad Tölz area is one in the town itself. Tölzer Binderbräu is a brewpub across the river from the centre.

The other is Brauerei Findler in Greiling, a few kilometres to the east.


Meanwhile, Brauerei Martini in Kassel closed last November. Output had fallen 90% since 2000. The remaining beers are now made in Einbeck and there are plans to covert the brewery into apartments.


Does anyone know anything about Braumanufaktur BH in Brotdorf, near Merzig? It appears to have opened in spring 2014 but the Facebook page has been inactive for over two years.


Brewing on a very, very small scale just outside Magdeburg-Buckau railway station is Brewckau. They appear to be based in the rear of Getränkefeinkost, a beer shop with a very decent selection.


Another little one is Braukeller Gotthilf in Bornhöved, just off the A21.

Much bigger is the Wacken Brauerei in Wacken, housed in a former netto supermarket so there's plenty of room for expansion.


Older readers may recall a plan for a brewery in the old Sächsischer Bahnhof in Gera, first mentioned on these pages way back on 25th May 2006. Well, Günther's Gutes Bier finally opened in June last year. However, it seems there has since been a change of ownership of the building and although the brewery is still operating it is not clear whether you can drink the beers there.


15th September 2016


Not too far from Berlin, Altlandsberg is home to the new Sozietätsbrauerei & Brennerei, part of the Schlossgut Altlandsberg complex.

Brandenburg itself has a new microbrewery. Privatbrauerei Heymann - Heymische Braukunst appears to be at owner Robert Heymann's brother's car servicing business.


There's a shiny new brewery to report in the Bahrenfeld district. Hopper Bräu is in an industrial zone around a mile from Altona station.


Zur Alten Fassfabrik is now known as Marlower Brauerei.


A third east Friesian island has a brewery. BrauManufaktur Baltrum is close to both the airfield and harbour.

Privatbrauerei Braugut Stuhr has been operating since 2014 in Fahrenhorst, near Stuhr. Details are hard to come by but owner Ulrich Knäblein makes four house beers for Schloss Wissen in Weeze, 180 miles away!

Brewing since April is Hildesheimer Braumanufaktur. You'll find it on the eastern edge of Hildesheim, near the hospital.


Yet another new starter is Privatbrauerei Haverkamp in Laggenbeck, near Ibbenbüren, opened this time last year.

Finne Brauerei opened in Münster earlier this year. Despite the name it is a brewpub,

Also new in Münster, Läuterwerk opened last October. Their website lists the five outlets they currently supply.


14th September 2016


Two friends in Dießen started brewing together as a hobby five years ago, taking the next step in 2014. They still have day jobs so Craft Bräu's tap opens on Tuesday (cheese night) and Thursday (live music) only.

More good news, this time from Englmannsbrunn near Waldmünchen where microbrewery Gabreta Silva / Böhmerwald Brauwerkstatt has opened.

Plans for a new brewery in Esting, near Olching, are at an advanced stage. Olchinger Braumanufaktur will be located in a building previously used for washing potatoes at the Hatzlhof farm. In the meantime the beers are being made at Postbrauerei in Nesselwang.

There is a brewery in Haselbach once more. The superbly-named Thomasbräu occupies part of the former Schlossbrauerei.


Zum Grünen Baum is a recently renovated gasthof in Boitzenburger Land, a smal town in northern Brandenburg. As you will have guessed, they have a small brewery.

Just 20km west of Boizenburger Land is Lychen, Home to another new starter. Storch Bier is located in the cellar of Henning Storch's house.


13th September 2016


Kronenbrauerei Halter in Biberach (near Heilbronn) has been bought by Haller Löwenbräu and if it hasn't already closed will do so imminently. Production will transfer to Schwäbisch Hall. (Alexander Thamm)

Yet another brewery has appeared in Karlsruhe. Neureuter Braumanufaktur is in the northern borough of Neureut.

Now, does anyone know anything about Brauerei Hirtler in Neuershausen? It seems to me the announcement on 1st April 2014 of a revival of the former brewery which closed in 1914 was an elaborate April Fools' joke but at least one beer site lists five beers and it gets a mention elsewhere.

Just outside Tettnang, Siggenweiler is home to Hopfengut No20, a hop farm with a museum, shop, pub and small brewery.


Gaststätte Daniel in Ingolstadt has been brewing since March.

München has a new brewery. Kraft Bier is in the Hadern district, around 8km south-west of the city centre. The brewer, Nikolaus Starkmeth, will be a familiar name to regular readers...


12th September 2016


It appears brewing may resume at the Barfüßer in central Ulm (not to be confused with the one in Neu-Ulm, which currently supplies it). Kaspar Schulz have a new 10hl brewery listed on their current orders page.


The well-known Landbierparadies chain of bars in the Nürnberg area has opened a very small brewery at the Hexenhäusle branch in Fürth. The sole beer is usually available once every week or so - see website for details. Not to be confused with the Hexenhäusle at Vestnertorgraben 4.

Vilstaler Stein-Bräu in Pöcking will be closing this Saturday.


Brewing on a very small scale is Hoppen un Molt in Warnemünde. All beers are top-fermented and available in 33cl bottles only - see website for list of outlets.


Despite there being no mention on their website, Hofschänke Wagenfeld (a.k.a. Steakhaus Töbelmann) has been brewing since last year.


There is a brewery in Monheim once more. Monheimer Biermanufactur is in the centre of the old town and brews an Alt, Helles and Pils plus seasonals.

Remscheid has a second brewpub, this time in the centre. Remscheider Bräu opened just under a year ago.


11th September 2016


It seems Wasseralfinger Löwenbrauerei's tap in Aalen has closed. Brewery staff recommended Gasthof Goldener Stern as an alternative. (Dave Waldron)


Red Castle Brew has moved from Heroldsberg to Grafenbergerhüll, a hamlet north of Gräfenberg. (Paul Lockwood)

Zum Gründla in Kulmbach is now brewing. There are two regular beer, Metzdorfer Edeltrunk and Meztdorfer Hopfentrunk, both named after the suburb in which the pub is located.


One to keep an eye on is Quartier Bier in Buch. They appear to be more a hobby than anything more commercial but their beer has been available at a couple of local events. (Ludger Berges)

Back in January I mistakenly listed Brewers Tribute as brewing. In fact, their beers are currently made at Bierfabrik in Marzahn. (Ludger Berges)


The brewery at Eckhoff's in Lühe stopped production over two years ago and has since been removed. They now sell Dithmarscher beers. (Olaf Michels)


Arnsberger Mühlenbräu opened in April. Annual output is around 500hl and they currently make a Pils, Dunkel and Weizen. (Roman Drüg)

April 1st saw the opening of Benno's Brauhaus in Witten. (Joerg Nierbauer)


There has been a brewery operating almost unnoticed by the wider world since New Years Day 2013. The Flammkuchenhaus in St Arnual, south of Saarbrücken, brews under two labels. The standard beers are branded 'Flammings Flammbräu' and they have a Craft range called 'Brauhof Saar'. (Paul Lockwood)


Bierseiderei in Dienstedt has closed. (Paul Lockwood)

The brewery at the Thüringer Freilichtmuseum in Hohenfelden is only used on a communal basis and is therefore not commercial. The publically available beers are made in Apolda. (Paul Lockwood)

The tap for Zur Golden Henne in Jüchsen has closed. It seems the only regular outlet is now Hotel Milano in Dietzhausen, near Suhl. (Paul Lockwood)

Also shut is the tap for Rhönbrauerei Dittmar in Kaltennordheim. (Paul Lockwood)


10th September 2016


Zum Stern in Bühlertann no longer brews and the equipment has been removed. (Paul Lockwood)

When is a brewery not a brewery? It appears Braurevolution in Notzingen doesn't quite qualify. Also they ferment and lager their beers on their own premises the wort is made at Stiftsscheuer in Kirchheim. A step closer than most Zoiglstube but not quite close enough. (Paul Lockwood)

Latterly of Sulzfeld and formerly Bretten, Michaeli Bräu no longer brews itself. The beers now come from Palmbräu in Eppingen. (Paul Lockwood)


An (unsuccessful) visit to Kalvarienbergbräu in Poxau during July found no-one at home and signs the brewery may not be in use (pipes appeared disconnected, etc.). Does anyone know more? (Paul Lockwood)


Büttenhof Bräu Volz in Biebesheim has closed although the brewing kit remains in situ. (Paul Lockwood)

It appears Schopfen Bräu in Neckarsteinach has closed. It was housed at the Alte Post but the latter has been visited several times without being open and has no menus in the display cabinet outside. Can anyone confirm this? (Paul Lockwood)


I had mistakenly placed Göttingen under Hessen - it is in fact about 10 miles inside Niedersachsen. (Paul Lockwood)

Sadly, Brauhaus zu Steinfeld has closed due to a fire last December. (Paul Lockwood)


Gerry Weber's Landhotel in Halle no longer brews. (Paul Lockwood).


All Volker Bräu beers are now brewed at Hagen Bräu in Worms. (Paul Lockwood)


And finally, some good news. Marktmühle in Oberdorla opened in November last year. (Paul Lockwood)