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25th July 2014


Michelbräu in Ittersbach has closed. It is unclear whether the nearby tap remains open.

Karlsruhe's tiny König Bräu, also known as the Erste Knielinger Hausbrauerei, closed at the beginning of February. (Dave Jackson)


It seems Brauerei Hösl in Rothenstadt has finally ceased brewing. The beer is now made in Mitterteich, presumably at their namesake. (Paul Lockwood)


5th July 2014


Isarbräu in Großhesselohe is back up-and-running. It has been renamed Isartaler Brauhaus but still brews just a wheat beer. Other beers now come from the BrauHolding International stable.

Mäx Tauberschmitt has been brewing on an extremely small scale for sale in Felsenkeller Marktheidenfeld, also known as Zum Neuen Brauhaus 1816, since July last year. So far, there have been 44 brews and 38 different beers have been made. (David Hughes)


It is possible Kuehn Kunz Rosen beers may be encountered in the better beer shops of Berlin, Frankfurt and Mainz. They have no brewery of their own and are based in Mainz. (David Hughes)


Largely unnoticed by the outside world, Privatbrauerei Bach has been making beers in Neunkirchen since 2011. I have some doubts about the exact address of the brewery itself but do know the beers are sold at the Fischerhütte (off Limbacher Straße, on the south side of Furpach cemetery) and on the other side of the A6 in Kirkel at the Kirkeler Brauhaus. (David Hughes)


A brewery is currently being installed at the Alte Brauerei in Tangermünde. (David Hughes)


Also making their beer on the equipment of others are the guys behind Vier Vogel Pils of Dresden. (David Hughes)


30th June 2014


A third brewery opened in Offenburg in March. Markus Bräu opens for sales on Monday (brew day) and Friday. (Alex Deuerlein)


The Dorfbachstüberl in Ohlstadt now has a small in-house-brewery. (Alex Deuerlein)

The first beer from the new brewery at Bräuwerck in Neudrossenfeld goes on sale next Tuesday.

Manuel Rößle, a former brewer at Andechs, has started his own brewery in Peiting. Biermanufaktur Sparifankal currently produces two regular beers and a seasonal Festbier. (Alex Deuerlein)

South of Waakirchen, there is a new microbrewery to report in Marienstein called Mariensteiner Brauhaus. They currently make pale and dark wheat beers plus an Export. (Alex Deuerlein)


The team behind Beer4Wedding have renamed themselves Bierfabrik Berlin in anticipation of the opening of their own brewery in August. It will be in the Marzahn district but I do not yet have an address. (Alex Deuerlein)


Martfelder Heide, a village just north of Martfeld, is home to the Martfelder Hausbrauerei. Torsten Jinczek began brewing in 2008 and used the equipment at Robens Kerkerbräu until he built his own kit last year. He opens for sales on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. (Alex Deuerlein)

Christof Jäger opened the Vorwalder Landbrauerei in Venne, near Ostercappeln, late last year. He built the wood-fired kettle himself. (Alex Deuerlein)


Ten kIlometres north of Kaiserslautern, the Alte Apotheke in Otterberg has had a picobrewery installed. The beer goes by the name Ottenberger Klosterbräu. (Alex Deuerlein)

And in the other direction, there is a brewpub in Unterhammer, a hamlet in the Karlstal. The first Unterhammer Bräu beers went on sale at the beginning of December. (Alex Deuerlein)


29th June 2014


Burghausen should have a microbrewery before the end of autumn. Burghauser Brauwerkstatt will be on an industrial estate south-west of the town centre. (Alex Deuerlein)

Just north of Nürnberg, the small town of Heroldsberg now has a small brewery in an outbuilding of the Roten Schloß. Red Castle Brew makes a Rotbier together with an eye-wateringly expensive doppelbock. (Alex Deuerlein


Gasthaus Himmelpforten in Niederense now has a small brewery that makes just one beer, Kloster Himmelpforten Dunkel. (Alex Deuerlein)


28th June 2014


Harri Hurtig has contacted me to report the reopening of the former Sonne tap in Ebermannstadt (as Sonne 29). I have contacted them and been told the brewery remains shut and the house beer is brewed elsewhere. Other beers come from Nikl Bräu and Schanzenbräu, amongst others.


Bogk Bräu, the picobrewery that remained on the future breweries page as I deemed it not commercial enough to warrant inclusion, has closed. (Sascha Bruns)


Plans for a revival of the Union Brauerei in Bremen are at an advanced stage. Closed in 1968, the reincarnation will be a brewpub with an annual capacity of up to 7,500hl. It is expected to open in just over a year. (Markus Brinker)


The Buddelship Brauerei in Eimsbüttel is now open. I have no information about outlets. (David Hughes)

Martin Schupeta from Von Freude has been in touch. As suspected in my 10th April update, they use other breweries to make their beer (Ale Primeur, 5.8%).


The Luxus Bier consortium has acquired Iserlohner and is expect to resume brewing next year. It seems most if not all beer will be for export to the China. (Markus Brinker)

Malzmühle's tap in Köln is currently closed due to refurbishment and to allow for construction of a hotel. (Markus Brinker)


Braumanufaktur Durke in Landau, formerly Brauhof, closed towards the end of 2012. (Rosi Kagert)


26th June 2014


Adler in Waibstadt brewed for the last time at the end of January. (Markus Brinker)


Having ceased in August 2012, brewing resumed at the Holzhauser Landbrauerei in Holzhausen during March last year.

A note on the Mühlfelder Brauhaus website states they are temporarily closed. Curiously, there is no mention of the brewery. Does anyone know more? (Rosi Kagert)

Klaus Bendner of Brauerei Wagner in Oberhaid has been in touch to say that, contrary to reports, beer is made there.

Previously reported as closed following takeover by Zötler of Rettenberg, some beer is in fact still made at Postbrauerei in Nesselwang. The standard beers are sold at the tap only but there is also a larger 'gourmet' range under the name Brau Manufaktur Allgäu. All other Post beers are made by Zötler.

Ostheim has a third brewery. Rhönpiraten is a 2hl micro in Stephan Kowalsky's house. Three bars are supplied and you can buy beer direct from source during the week. On Wednesdays, Herr Kowalsky fires-up his wood oven and sells bread and pizza. (Sascha Bruns)

Also in Ostheim, Brauerei Peter is now known as Ostheimer Bürgerbräu. (Sascha Bruns)

Reutti, nowadays officially a district of Neu-Ulm, has a small brewpub called Roberts Genussbräu. (Sascha Bruns)


One opening has directly led to a closure. The new brewery at Zukunft Ostkreuz opened at the end of April. As a result, Prassnik no longer brews. The latter had been the subject of some debate but it appears they brewed in the kitchen. (Rosi Kagert)


Alexander Knobelsdorf has a nanobrewery in Jüterbog. Currently producing just 25hl a year, Brauerei Knobinger has been active since September and supplies at least bar in the town. He is on the look-out for larger premises. (Rosi Kagert)


The Mashsee Brauerei in Hannover is now open. It is attached to the Craft Beer Kontor shop which, as the name suggests, specialises in 'craft' beer. (David Hughes, Rosi Kagert)


Having suspended brewing at the beginning of last year, the Bocholter Brauhaus has now closed completely. (Roman Drüg)

The Eichener Brauerei has closed, ostensibly due to the cost of renewing brewery equipment. The beers are now made by Rolinck in Steinfurt. (Sascha Bruns)

Despite an annual output of around 500,000hl, the Iserlohner brewery closed at the end of March. Eighty percent of production was made up of discount brands for supermarkets.


BeSte Bräu in Cochem has closed and all fitting have been removed. (Paul Allison)

Brewing has resumed at the Lauterecker Brauhaus, now renamed Brauhaus Lauterecken. They currently make Veldenz Bräu Hell and Dunkel but no seasonals. (Roman Drüg)


The brewing equipment at Weichauer Hof in Weicha has been dismantled and sold. The owner has not ruled-out restarting but currently sells Löbauer (Sascha Bruns)


There is a new brewery to report in Albersdorf, a small town on the railway from Heide to Neumünster. Privatbrauerei Albersdorf specialises in top-fermented beers. They have a small bar which opens for just five hours each week. (David Hughes)