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Just so I've got them all in one place, the following breweries need confirmation one way or another. The news follows below.

Baden-Württemberg Bad Rappenau, Gässle Bräu. Does it exist?

Bayern Buch, Shuba. Do they brew themselves?

Bayern Karlstadt am Main, Brauhaus im Wurzgrund. Is it still brewing?

Bayern Nürnberg, Barth-Haas. Does it brew commercially or is it just a pilot brewery?

Bayern Würgau, Hartmann. Do they still brew draught beer?

Hessen Hattenhof, Oberländchen Braumanufaktur / Bierschmide Oberländchen. Does it exist?

Hessen Malsfeld, BrauWerkStatt. Is it still brewing?

Hessen Marburg, Nicse Craftbier. Does it brew?

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Wohrenstorf, Recknitz Bräu. Has is closed?

Niedersachsen Schwülper, Sudhaus Schwülper. Is it brewing, yet?

Niedersachsen Suttrop, Artland Bräu. Is it still brewing?

Nordrhein-Westfalen Geldern, Fleuther. Is it brewing?

Nordrhein-Westfalen Overhagen, Kirchhellener Waldbräu. Does it brew?

Nordrhein-Westfalen Wenholthausen, Biermanufaktur Dangel. Is it still brewing?

Rheinland-Palz Bobenheim, Braukeller. Is it still brewing?

Rheinland-Pfalz Weisenheim am Berg, Merk's Scheunenbrauerei. Is it brewing?

Saarland St. Arnual, Flammings Flammbräu. Are their beers now made at Brauhof, Saarbrücken?

Sachsen Berggießhübel, Weltenbummler. Is it still brewing?

Sachsen-Anhalt Bernburg, Askania / Kleines Brauhaus Viktor Amadeus. Does it brew (across the street)?

Sachsen-Anhalt Neuendorf, Demmert. Are they brewing again?

Schleswig-Holstein Hollingstedt, Nottebräu. Do they brew?

Thüringen Bad Lobenstein, Kulturbrauhaus / Erste Oberländische Dampfbierbrauerei / Brauhaus Lobenstein. Is it still brewing?

Thüringen Gotha, Valentino Brauhaus. Is it still brewing?

Thüringen Saalfeld, Motorbräu. Does it exist?

Thüringen Waltershausen, Ratsherrnbräu. Is it still brewing?

Thüringen Weißensee, Brauerei Ullmann. Does it brew?


10th March 2021


Unfortunately, after 15 years Michael Eismann has announced the closure of his brewery in Altenstadt an der Waldnaab. He's cited falling sales due to the pandemic as the reason.


7th March 2021


The Bender brewery in Mühlhausen has been bought by local architect and developer Roland Kastner. His plans for the site apparently include a hotel and café but whether brewing will continue is unclear.


Some clarification on the situation with Schneeeule from Ludger Berges. Most of the former Einbar brewering equipment has moved to Egellstraße 25 in Tegel, within the MAN works (no public access). It's there that Schneeeule beers are brewed with help from Sam Derby, the former Einbar owner. Analog is a collaboration between Schneeeule, Sam Derby and Weisse-Elster of Leipzig. Analog beers will continue to be made elsewhere to avoid the possibility of contamination with the Berliner Weisse yeast.


Ludger Berges confirms the Kavailierhäuser in Königs Wusterhausen has not brewed for some years.

Brewing is currently suspended at the Kalkofenbrauerei in Wriezen. A decision on its future will be made after the pandemic.


3rd March 2021


Rumour has it Nikl Bräu in Pretzfeld has stopped brewing and much of the brewery equipment has been sold. The beers are allegedly now made by Rittmayer in Hallerndorf. Confirmation would be (un)welcome.

A slight correction to yesterdays news. Camba Bavaria's original location in Truchtlaching has closed completely. Brewing stopped at the end of the year and the tap has shut, too.

Rumour also has it that Wolfshöher no longer brews and the beers now come from Hösl in Mitterteich. Again, confirmation one way or the other would be appreciated.


The Einbar brewery was forced to move a few months ago. From what I can gather, they are now in partnership with Schneeeule but it's unclear whether the brewing equipment has been installed anywhere else yet, although I suspect it nay be destined for the Schneeeule Salon at Ofener Straße 1. To complicate matters, the Einbar brand has been replaced by Analog Bier. The first Analog beers were made at Brewdog in December, although whether that's because the former Einbar brewery hadn't yet relocated or because they don't want to risk the beers becoming contaminated by the yeasts used by Schneeeule is unclear. An email has been sent in the hope of clarification.

Christian Gläser of Mash Pit confirms all their commercial beers are made on their own kit.


There are plans for a brewery in Dannenwalde, apparently at the old Schloss / manor. Schloßfuchs beers are occasionally available at Seehotel Louise in nearby Seilershof.


1st March 2021


Good news from Brombach where Hausbräu Mülhaupt reopened in December 2019. As before, Andreas Mühlaupt opens for sales on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.


Camba Bavaria now only brew at their Seeon site. The original location in Truchtlaching still acts as the tap but the brewing equipment is no longer used. The Gundelfingen branch, Camba Old Factory, has been owned by former cuckoo FrauGruber since January last year.

Following some difficulties after splitting from his partnership with the Dutch De Molen brewery, Andy Gänstaller has opened a second brewery with the help of some financial backers from Bamberg. His new location is the former Brauerei Weber in Röbersdorf and brewing began in August. Paul Lockwood visited the Gänstaller shop in Bamberg last week and reports the Zoigl and Kellerbier are brewed in Schaid with Smaragdweiß, Burned Malt, Amarillo and Helles Lager coming from Röbersdorf. No sign of the Kellerpils or any of his more exotic beers, so no information on origin. He reportedly brews beers for the former Weber tap, too.

Some news on the often bewildering Olivenbauer / Tante Paula chain of restaurants. Nikolaus Starkmeth reports Tante Paula in Rosenheim has had a purpose-built 2hl brewery since last summer. This replaces the Braueule that was there. A second brewery of the same size is on order but whether it's to be installed in Burgberg, Füssen, Waltenhofen or Wertach is yet to be decided. Meanwhile, both Waltenhofen and Wertach have Braueule which are used to brew the special beers for those two locations.


Ludger Berges reports the Holzmarkt Brauerei in Friedrichshain has closed.

Ludger also reports former cuckoos Motel Beer have had their own brewery in Reinickendorf since 2018.


As suspected, Brauerei Heymann in Brandenburg does seem to have closed. Martin Teutsch visited their former location on Saturday and found a restaurant in its place. On top of that, a shop where he'd previously bought the beer no longer stocks it. On that basis, I'm removing it.


31st January 2021


Bele Bierwerkstatt opened in Schwarzach near Mainleus late last year.


The Altenauer Brauerei will close tomorrow. In need of new equipment, they've been unable to secure the required investment.

Lonesome Oak Brewing in Braunschweig recently relocated a mile to the east from Rudolfstraße 14-15 to Reichsstraße 21. The new premises has allowed them to expand.


25th January 2021


Markus Salvermoser announced his Brauwerk Salvermoser in Möhringen closed on New Years Eve, and the 5hl brewery has been sold to an undisclosed buyer in Franken. He cited loss of income due to COVID-19 (his main source of revenue was local festivals).


Brewery entrepreneur Wolfgang Scheidtweiler has unveiled plans for a brewery at Kloster Mariawald, near Heimbach. Born in the region, Herr Scheidtweiler's father founded the Gemünder Brauerei in 1961 and the family now also control Ruppaner in Konstanz (Wolfgang married the owner's daughter), Brauhaus Pforzheim, Hatz-Moninger in Karlsruhe and the Echterdinger Brauhaus.


The Loosen Bräu brewery is actually at the Dr Loosen Kellerei in Wengerlohr, near Wittlich, not at the vineyard in Bernkastel.


23rd January 2021


Das Brauamt in Heddesheim closed in the summer. Most of their beer was made at Woinemer in Weinheim but they did brew small batches themselves.


Johann Ebeling of the Lupita Brauerei in Püggen has been in touch to say they do brew themselves. Most of their beers are sold at the village festival which takes place over 10 days during the spring, but bottled beers are occasionally available at other times.


22nd January 2021


I'd heard from a couple of sources Brauerei Hembach in Igelsdorf had closed in 2019 but found these reports to have been inaccurate. Sadly, it has recently shut its doors, another to cite COVID-19 as the prime cause.


Also confirmed closed is Brauerei Knobinger in Jüterbog.


Located at the end of a branch line from Freiberg, the small ski resort of Holzhau is now home to Rumpelbräu. The purpose-built brewpub opened on New Year's Day 2020 and is just up the hill from the station.


18th January 2021


CraftBrauSchmiede in Bad Vilbel closed during 2019.


The Haus Kölscher Brautradition is expected to close in the autumn. Brewing will transfer to Früh.


17th January 2021


Brewing began at Brauwerk zum Sonnenwirt in Bopfingen in October with the first beers going on sale just before Christmas.


Krug in Geisfeld is brewing again although the tap remains closed. The beer is tanked to Rittmayer in Hallerndorf for bottling. The brewery opens Tuesdays 18.00-19.00 and Saturdays 09.00-10.00 for sales.


16th January 2021


Villingendorf has been home to Privatbrauerei St. Ulrich since at least 2016, although it appears to have been last year it finally went commercial.

Just 4km south of Villingendorf is Zimmern ob Rottweil, also home to a nanobrewery since last year. It appears some Philipps Braumanufaktur beer may be made elsewhere.


Octobräu have confirmed their brewery is still in Dorlar.

Oberusrsel has been home to Ølkeller since 2016.


Just outside the station in Lebach is the tiny Saar-Craft-Bräu. The brewery is open for sales each Thursday evening.


There's yet another new brewery to report in Leipzig. The Plagwitzer Brauerei opened a year ago and is, unsurprisingly, in the Plagwitz district.


15th January 2021


I first came across mention of Lengerbräu in Rudertshausen a few years back but was unable to confirm its status. Having made some more enquiries last month, owner Josef Rabl has responded and confirmed they are registered and commercial.

Hans Seidl has confirmed that his Seidl Bräu beers are sold in the pub and beer garden at Schloss Traidendorf, so that's another one to include.


Octobräu started in Dorlar just under two years ago but may have relocated recently. I've asked for confirmation.

There may be a second brewery to report in Marburg. Nicse Craftbier has been active for a few years but I'm not sure whether they have their own kit or not. I've emailed in the hope of an answer.

Another brewery to have escaped my notice before it closed is Mikrobräu, a.k.a. Mauze Ale. Opened in Worfelden during 2017, it closed at the end of 2020.


It seems there may be a brewery in Püggen, a small village west of Luchow. I've emailed the Lupita Brauerei to see whether they have their own kit or use others.


Winemaker Dr Ernst Loosen has installed a small brewery at his vineyard outside Bernkastel. Currently, Loosen Bräu Kellerbier is the sole offering.


Sebastian Sauer has confirmed his Ziegenhainer Hausbrauerei is not currently commercial but he has plans to build a larger brewery and hopes to register the business later this year.


14th January 2021


September 2019 saw the opening of Hemminger Biermanufaktur in Hemmingen, a small town just south of Hannover. The brewery opens for sales on Thursdays and Fridays.


Hausbrauerei zum Schluckspecht, a.k.a. Stüttisbräu, opened in Delhoven near Dormagen in March 2018. Owner Volker Stüttgen started his brewing career at Früh's, then worked at the Eichener brewery until it closed and was more recently back in Köln at Malzmühle. Unsurprisingly, his main product, Kess, is Kölsch inspired. Around a dozen outlets are supplied.


Fabian Kasten opened his eponymous Kasten Brauerei in the Connewitz district of Leipzig towards the end of 2018.


13th January 2021


Officially part of Horgenzell, Detzenweiler is a hamlet south of  Wilhelmskirch, 5 miles west of Ravensburg. In 2018, Florian Keßler installed a brewery in the pub at the family apple farm and cidery. There's a shop as well as the bar, so Flori's Bräu beers should be easy to get as long as you're in the area.

Opened in 2019, Farrenbräu is a nanobrewery in Zimmern, near Immendingen.


One place I can't make my mind up about is Seidl Bräu in Traidendorf, near Kallmünz. I think it's simply a hobby but the website of Schloss Traidendorf does say visitors are welcome to try the beer, if available. I've emailed them in the hope of clarification.


Now, I'm not entirely sure what's gone on but the former Brewbaker brewery on Sickinger Straße in Moabit reopened in the summer under new ownership and is now trading as Artos. They make three organic beers.


Bernd Kaffenberger has installed a brewery at his REWE drinks market in Bad Vilbel. Called Felwila, the first brew was done in December.

BannenBier opened in Glashütten during September. There are no regular hours posted online but they appear to be open most weekdays for direct sales and also have an online shop.

Just 3km south-west of BannenBier is Schloßborn, home to Crafthouse4, makers of Schlossborner beers. They open for sales each Friday evening.


Just south of Egestorf is the village of Egestorfer Waldsiedlung, home since 2018 to Egestorfer Fuhrenbräu. The brewery opens each Saturday for sales.

De Lütte opened in Salzhausen last summer. The beers are available in five local outlets.


Having bought the right to the former Germania Brauerei name, Achim Frings began having three beers brewed under the name a couple of years ago. Meanwhile, he built the Germania Brauhaus at his drinks business in Widdig, near Bornheim. This was intended to open last spring but appears not to have done, perhaps for obvious reasons. He also owns the adjacent Brauhaus zur Rheinuferbahn, and that will act as the tap.

Another to open last summer was the Corma Privatbrauerei in Strümp, near Meerbusch.


I mentioned the emergence of Braukatz in Magdeburg yesterday. Well, the brewery changed hands in August and is now called Bierfreunde. The two guys behind Bierfreunde had already been brewing their beers there since late 2019.

Closed the best part of a decade ago, brewing resumed at the Mühlenbergbrauerei in Schollene during 2017 and the tap re-opened the following year. Since reopening it's been known as the Elbe Havel Brauerei.


12th January 2021


Calw has a small brewpub. The first Steinbrenners Hopfentee beers were brewed at Braubar DV just before Christmas 2018.


There's a tiny brewery at the Bachbahn Museum in Erfenbach, near Kaiserslautern. This small railway museum is housed in a barn in the middle of the village and opens on the first Sunday of the month (they do also open for an hour on Tuesdays and Fridays, but the museum bar doesn't open then).


The owner of Getränkehandel Mierisch in Freital-Niederhäslich has had plans for a brewery for a few years but hasn't yet managed to brew himself other than a very limited quantity on a pilot kit. Until he does install a brewery on site, his Windberg Brauerei beers are being made elsewhere.


Magdeburg architect André Schmiede started Braukatz as a sideline back in 2019. The beers are available at Getränkefeinkost outside Magdeburg-Buckau station.


The island of Föhr has been home to a brewery since 2018. Biar-Brauhüs is in Borgsum and has six outlets on the island.


11th January 2021


There's a new brewpub to report in Meilschnitz, a village north of Neustadt bei Coburg that used to have the iron curtain on three sides. Thomas Sommer has brewed the first Keilerwald beers for the Wildes Wirtshaus but they are yet to go on sale as the pub remains shut. This is technically a relocated brewery as he first started Keilerwald in 2019 when based in Hattenrod in Hessen. There he set-up a brewery in an old mobile food trailer but the Meilschnitz incarnation is much more traditional.


Currently under construction is Dorfbrauerei Stegelitz. In the meantime, their three beers are being made at Hops & Barley in Berlin-Marzahn.


Fox River Brewing opened a couple of years ago in Obergladbach. The American-style beers can be bought from source each Saturday.


Construction is underway on a brewery for Third Sector Brewing. They currently make the beers at Quercus in Duisburg-Mündelheim.

The tiny Deutsche Brauerei opened in on the eastern edge of Köln just under two years ago. They open for sales on the first Saturday of each month.

Another new brewery that's already moved before I got to hear about it. Drachenfelser Brauzeugen started in Meckenheim during September 2019 but by April last year had moved 12km east to a former Gasthof in Niederbachem. The brewery opens for sales three days a week.


There were plans a couple of years ago for a brewery in a former bakery at Breite Straße 113-114 in Bernburg. This was to have been operated by the owner of the Askania Hotel across the street at Breite Straße 2-3. However, the Kleines Brauhaus Viktor Amadeus has instead opened in the hotel and there is no sign of a brewery. I've asked them the usual question...

There's been a second brewery in Gommern for a couple of years. Christian König has worked in various breweries across the region and is currently brewer at Krongut Bornstedt in Potsdam but he also has his own small brewery called BrauSerei. Much of the output is herb or fruit-based soft drinks.


10th January 2021


Leidenschaft in Bier has been active in the Hermsdorf district since May 2018. The brewery opens for sales each Friday 16.00-18.00 but given the website lists twenty or so outlets, you'll probably won't need to resort to that.


The Osterholzer Hausbrauerei is brewing on a very small scale in Ohlenstedt, a village north of Osterholz-Scharmbeck. At least, I think it's in Ohlenstedt. The website doesn't have an address but the owners have a farm in Ohlenstedt, so that's where I've assumed the brewery is. Although the website claims a founding date of 2014, I think it only went commercial in 2017. Skipper Treff and Black Door in Osterholz-Scharmbek both sell the beers.


Norschi Bräu in Gevelsberg started out as a hobby in 2016 but went commercial in 2019. The beers are taken to Münster for bottling.


Small World Brewing started in Trier during the spring of 2019.


The Baltic Brewery is being constructed in Flensburg. In the meantime, their beers are being brewed at Südtondern and Witttorfer.

Tom Kyle opened on the old market in Kiel during November 2018. The brewery is in the cellar.


9th January 2021


The Rocks bar in Öhringen has been home to Brauwerk since 2018.


The BarthHaas hop company has had a pilot brewery at its Nürnberg headquarters since 2019. It's used to demonstrate new hop varieties but is also used to trial beers for various clients. Whether it's actually commercial is uncertain but I suspect not. For example, it was recently used for the development of Freidla for Die Wirtschaft but the actual beer is made at Schanzenbräu. I've ask them the question.


Yet another brewery to have escaped my notice while active was Brewmen. This nanobrewery started in 2018 and closed the following year.


Having made their beers in Altlandsberg for a couple of years, last spring Bernauer Braugenossenschaft opened their own brewery and tap in Börnicke, near Bernau.


Following the closure of Elisabeth Bräu, owner Peter Lob set-up Elisabeth Brauanlagen Marburg (Elbram). As well as making his own beers, the former Elisabeth Bräu kit is available for hire both to test recipes and brew commercially, and he'll also design and build breweries for restaurants, etc.

Jörg Schäfer has been brewing his Brauonkel beers in Mornshausen near Gladenbach since 2017. Output from his 150 litre kit is just 15hl a year.


There was a tiny brewery in Niedernhausen from late 2018. Unfortunately, Truebe Aussichten (Bleak Outlook) lived-up to its name and closed in March last year.


8th January 2021


Lost River Brewing started in Stuttgart but moved their brewery to Murrhardt in April 2019 and now share premises with Hey Joe Brewing. I believe they continue to brew on separate kit and have asked them for confirmation.


South-west of Düren, the village of Gey has been home to Geyer Biermanufaktur since 2019.


Brauhaus Lauterecken is still brewing.

Zils-Bräu in Naurath has definitely closed. The former brewer now works at Bahnhof Cues.


7th January 2021


Does anyone know anything about Oberländchen Braumanufaktur? Their Facebook page hasn't been updated since the day it was created in May 2016 and it doesn't look like their beers have been seen since 2018. It also appears they may have been renamed Bierschmiede Oberländchen but there's next to nothing about them on the web, either. Their address is Oberländchen 32, Hattenhof, 36119 Neuhof. Are / were they a brewery and do they still exist?


6th January 2021


S'Biereckle opened in Unterentersbach, near Biberach (Baden) in 2018. They open for sales on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.


5th January 2021


Hobby brewer Rüdiger Winter went commercial from his cellar in Bad Rappenau on a very small scale in 2017 and began supplying a local bar. His Gässle Bräu beers appeared at a couple of local festivals in 2018 but it appears he may have left it at that. Does anyone know if the brewery is both active and commercial?

A new brewery opened in Hamberg last summer and it doesn't look like they spared any expense. Hamberger Brauwerkstatt makes Calva Nigra beers and shares ownership with the adjacent post office / shop and Grüner Wald, their tap across the street. Their website address is which for some reason won't work if I add it as a link.


I've emailed the Mash Pit in Berlin Kreuzberg in the hope of confirming their status. They offer brewing courses as well as somewhere for the ordinary home brewer to practice their art. This would normally have led me to dismiss them as non-commercial but they have an on-site bar and their beers are available both bottled and on draught. If I had to guess, I'd say they make the latter on site but have the bottles brewed elsewhere.


4th January 2021


Hanscraft have told me they dismantled the brewery that was housed at Nordring 53-55 in Niedernberg last July. Their new address is across the Main in Stockstadt, but it appears the brewery has not yet been installed there.


Silke Engmann of Schloss Elgersburg has confirmed they do indeed brew there and the beer is sold at the castle restaurant.

Niels Jobsvogt of the KoWa commune in Waltershausen has confirmed the brewery is only used for courses and tastings, not commercially.


3rd January 2021


Unnoticed by the wider world, Krämer's has been brewing at the Kickerkeller in Erfurt since 2014. Currently using two Braumeisters, they took delivery of some much larger kit last month, so it looks like they may be moving to new premises.

Now, confusingly, a similarly-named brewery opened in December 2019. The Goldhelm chocolate company run the Erfurter Krämer Brückenbrauerei, making Brücken Bier.

If that wasn't confusing enough, there's also a company called Erfurter Brückenbier, founded sometime last year. Their beers appear to be contract brewed 'somewhere in Erfurt'.

Hopfenbrüder Kreativbrauerei opened in Erfurt last year. Located south-west of the Hauptbahnhof, they currently brew a pale ale.

Christian Freitag opened Kleinbrauerei Freitag during 2019. His Freitax beers are only available draught and are sold at the Cafe Kunst Bar and Retronom.

As if all that weren't enough, the upmarket Hotel Zumnorde in central Erfurt has been brewing since 2019. I believe the beers are made in the kitchen and are sold at their Weinstube and beer garden around the corner on Grafengasse.

Günther's Gutes Bier in Gera sold-up a couple of years ago. It's not all bad news, though, as the brewery has been taken-over by Frank's Burger-Liscious BBQ next door and parts have also been incorporated into Kevin Pagenhopf's new Zapfhahn brewery & tap (maker of 'Gersch' beers).

Ziegenhainer Hausbrauerei has been active in Jena-Ziegenhain for several years but I'm not sure it's commercial. I've emailed owner Sebastian Sauer in the hope of clarification.

Does anyone know anything about a microbrewery in Saalfeld called Motorbräu? I've been told they're at Hüttenstraße 15 but I can find nothing about them online.

There is a brewery at the KoWa commune in Waltershausen, although it's unclear if it's commercial. I've emailed them in the hope of an answer.

Also in Waltershausen, Ratsherrnbräu was first brewed at the Ratskeller in 2017 but the brewery itself is currently closed and it's unclear if it will resume brewing.

Brauerei Ullmann has supposedly been brewing in Weißensee since 2019 but if they have a brewery, it's very camera shy. Does anyone know the whether they're cuckoo's or not?


2nd January 2021


Dieter Birk of Volker-Bräu has been in touch to confirm he is still brewing his beer in Worms, not Alzey.


SchloßbrauereI Hundisburg is definitely brewing commercially, albeit on a small scale. They usually brew about six times a year and the website lists dates when the beer is available. I'll list 2011 as the founding year as that's when the first beer appears to have been sold but am prepared to be challenged.


The tiny Corbeker brewery in Witzhave is believed to have closed in 2016.


The Drei Türme brewery opened in a former blacksmith's workshop behind owner Alexander Schaller's house in Bad Langensalza last spring. The website lists seven local outlets.

Does anyone know if Bad Lobenstein's Kulturbrauhaus, a.k.a. Erste Oberländische Dampfbierbrauerei, a.k.a. Brauhaus Lobenstein is still open? It was up for sale and the website no longer works.

There's been a small brewery at Schloss Elgersburg since at least 2018. It's used for beer courses and they offer beer tastings, too. What I'm not certain about is whether the beer is more generally available, so I've sent an email in the hope I'll find out.

I stumbled across Der Bier-Rufer when in Erfurt a couple of years ago. An excellent beer shop, they have a quirky little 'tower' brewery in the window which they use for brewing courses and also to make limited quantities of beer (ie. one barrel a week), which is then sold on draught in the shop.

I suspect the Valentino Brauhaus in Gotha no longer brews. The website has changed and apart from a photo, there's no mention of the brewery or brewing.

Monika Schulz opened the Croxer brewery on a former farm in Grochwitz, near Weida, in 2018. Several local outlets sell the beers.

Having long had plans to resume brewing, the owners of the Rolschter Brauhaus began brewing in the kitchen of Gasthaus Mariental in the Cumbach district of the town during 2018. they had planned to open a brewpub in the former brewery next door in spring 2020 but for obvious reasons that appears to have been delayed.

Ankerbräu in Steinach installed a new brewery at their tap (location of their brewery until 1997) and it appears they no longer use the former Gessner brewery they'd been using since 1997.


The AIDAnova entered service as planned during 2018.


1st January 2021


Clemens Siefvater and Gerald Strauß have been brewing Gemminger beers at Vater Strauss in Gemmingen since 2019. The brewery opens for sales each Friday evening as is a five minute walk from the town's other new starter.

Hemsbach has been home to the Grasslandbrewers, better known as M2, since 2019. The brewery openes for sales each Saturday morning as is a pleasingly short walk from the station.


Father and son Eric and Dennis Braunwarth have revived their old family brewery in Dieburg which closed in 1963. The new Löwen-Bräu Jakob Braunwarth is considerably smaller than the original and mainly supplies the family drinks market.

Another father and son team Uwe and David Kleinhans started HannesBräu in Viernheim during 2018. Housed in a former car repair garage, the brewery has an attached tap which in normal circumstances opens every other Friday.


Dirk Vennemann of Bottroper Bier has been in touch to say the first proper brew will be done very shortly. As such, I'm changing their founding date to 2021 and will leave them on the 'open' list as, frankly, it's not likely to affect any of us.


I can't find any reference to it closing but the website for Brauhaus Weltenbummler in Berggießhübel isn't currently working.

Braustolz in Chemnitz closed in 2017 and production has been transferred to Sternquell in Neuensalz. It had been owned by Kulmbacher since 1991.

Hofbrauerei Lohmen opened in a former farmhouse in Lohmen, east of Dresden, during 2018. It's just up the street for the former Brauerei Hoyer, closed in 1989. The beers are available in more than twenty shops and three bars.

Closed in 1995, a revival of sorts has seen brewing resume at Brauerei Richzenhain in Waldheim. A small brewery has been in stalled in one of the old brewery buildings and brewing started in July 2018. There is an on site bar / venue but that is used exclusively for parties and weddings. If you want the beer, it can be bought from an on site vending machine between 11.00 and 19.00 each day.

One of the more atmospheric modern brewpubs, Weesensteiner Schlossbräu closed two days ago. Owner Ulrich Betsch intends to move the brewery three miles west to Rittergut zu Maxen. Once there, it's hoped to re-open as Brauhaus zum Rittergut in August.


It appears Demmert in Neuendorf may have resumed brewing a few years ago, although information is hard to come by. Can anyone confirm or refute this?


Knust Braumanufaktur opened in Avendorf on the island of Fehmarn in August 2019.

Milster in Handewitt appears to have closed in 2016.

Does anyone know anything about Nottebräu in Hollingstedt? I think they're cuckoo's and have sent an email asking for confirmation.

Anders Ale opened in Lübeck a couple of years ago. There's a tap at the brewery which opens on Thursdays and Fridays.

The IDA Brauerei opened in Pinneberg just over a year ago. Unlike most recent starters, it's a brewpub.


31st December 2020


January 2019 saw the first brew at Bräukels in Altenhundem.

Another that's come and gone before I noticed was Brauwerk Aanders in Granterath, near Erkelenz. A carpenter by trade, Sebastian Anders founded the brewery in 2018 but closed in August. It was located in a former cowshed at Im End 4.

A malt beer producer since I've been taking an interest in German beer, Feldchlösschen in Hamminkeln now produces a Märzen under the NRW Braumanufaktur brand and has also made at least a bock in its own name. They also now run the most sophisticated-looking brewing courses I've seen.

Having been dormant by at least 2014, it seems Hildener Landbräu is back in business. A new bottling line was installed last year and there are plans for a beer garden. The brewery (and farm) shop opens four days a week.

Hürth has a second brewery on the site vacated by Coltro. Newbie kat18 moved in during in January.

Hammona Bräu has been active on an industrial estate in Rhynern, south of Hamm, since the beginning of the year. The first beers went on sale in March.

In the countryside a mile or so west of Rorup you'll find Braumanufaktur Bonekamp. There's no tap but their website lists a dozen outlets.

Schmallenberg's first brewery since 1898 opened two years ago. Schmallenberger Braumanufaktur is housed in a domestic garage but has a very flashy website. The beers are sold at local beer shop Siebrichshausen's Weltbiere.


The website for Braukeller Bobenheim no longer works and their Facebook page hasn't been updated for more than two years. Does anyone know if they've closed?

Stadtbrauhaus Hermannbräu in Hagenbach closed in February 2019.

Happily, at the end of 2017 hopArt began brewing in Hatzenbühl, 8 miles north of Hagenbach. The brewery opens for sales on the first Saturday of the month but the beers can also be bought in half a dozen local outlets.

Brauhaus Lauterecken closed in September 2018 but re-opened in 2019 under new ownership. Although the focus is now on food, it appears they still make at least one Veldenz Bräu beer there. Confirmation would be welcome.

It appears Zils-Bräu in Naurath may have closed. The website no longer works, their Facebook page hasn't been updated all year and they've been dropped from the Brauerei-Adressbuch. Any news would be gratefully received.

Former football referee and dentist Markus Merk's Scheunenbrauerei in Otterbach closed at the end of 2018. He had intended to re-locate to Weisenheim am Berg and re-open there in March 2019, but the brewing part appears not to have happened. Does anyone know more?


One brewery that's eluded me for years is the Walsheimer Sudhaus in Walsheim, near Gersheim. I first mentioned it on these pages back in 2009 but had been looking in the wrong place for info, not least because there was a website which was involved more in the historical aspect of the old brewery. It seems Stefan Raffel started brewing in the cellar of his house, built on the site of the former Walsheimer Brauerei, back in 2011. He used a 60l kit until 2019 but has expanded both his cellar and equipment and now makes his four beers using a 1.5hl brewery. I have no information about outlets.

It appears that Flammings Flammbräu beers are now made at Brauhof Saar in central(ish) Saarbrücken. This latter brewery opened a few years ago and expanded considerably in 2019. I've emailed Flammbräu in the hope of an answer.


30th December 2020


Biermanufaktur Langguth opened earlier this year in Begau, officially part of Alsdorf but several miles away. The beers are all under the FrOnk name. There appears to be a small tap at the brewery.

The Altenrüthener Landbierbrauerei was renamed Malzcultwerk last year.

Braustube Bielefelder Biermanufactur closed in August 2019.

As expected, the brewery at Hotel zur Spitze in Bielefeld appears to have closed early in 2018.

Currently based in Brackwede and making their beers at Westheimer and Schloßbrauerei Rheder, Ravensberger Brauerei plan to open in the Baumheide district of Bielefeld during 2021.

Josefsbräu is expected to relocate from Bigge to Bad Lippspringe in mid-2021.

The first test brew was done at Bottroper Bier early last month and if they're not already, should be in production any day now. The brewery is in the Fuhlenbrock district of Bottrop.

Hofbrauerei Bruchhausen remains closed as there is still no tenant.

Dortmund's Bergmann brewery moved across the city during September 2017 to a purpose-built location in the Phönix-West district, within walking distance of Dortmund-Hörde station. The new brewery includes an on-site tap.

The Blue Cat in Erftstadt-Lechenich closed in May, owners Klaus & Sandra Keller citing COVID-19 as the reason.

Waldgasthaus Steinbach in Kirchheim also closed during May. Like the Blue Cat, COVID-19 was blamed.

Krefeld has had a third brewery since late 2018. Schlüffken is next to the Nordbahnhof, which also houses the tap. The railway is mostly used for freight but does see occasional steam tourist trains. It's after these that the brewery takes its name.

Brauhaus Zeche Jacobi in Oberhausen closed during the spring, yet another to cite COVID-19.

Overhagen, a village that's officiall part of Bottrop but actually 10km to the north, may now be home to Kirchhellener Waldbräu (it's close to Kirchhellen, also officially part of Bottrop but miles from it). I've sent the owner an email in the hope of confirmation.

Brauerei Rainer in Welz changed ownership earlier this year and is now called Lambertus Bräu.

Biermanufaktur Dangel's website no longer works. Cause for concern?


29th December 2020


Borken has been home to a nanobrewery since last year. Not as grand as it sounds, Borkener Hofbräu is based at owner Markus Mach's Hofcafé and is primarily set-up for brewing courses but the two beers made there are sold at the local Getränke Quelle drinks market.

Daniela Reinhardt of Konrad's Brauhaus in Oberbiel has confirmed they use a friend's brewery to make their beer.


Sounding more like a geek's convention, Concraft has been active in Cramme since 2016.

Marco Hacker opened a microbrewery last year in Immenbeck, near Buxtehude. Landbrauerei Hacker brews Immenbecker beers. Several local bars and shops sell the beers.

Another small start-up is the Bootshaus Brauerei in Marl. I can find no info about outlets.

Die Bierbrauer opened in Papenburg last year, although I shall refer to them as Papenburger as that's what their beer and website say.

The Artland Bräu (Suttrop) website no longer works and they're not in the latest Brauerei-Adressbuch. I can't find any reference to them closing but suspect they may have done. Can anyone confirm?

Hofschänke / Braumanufaktur Christof Töbelmann in Wangenfeld is now called Loyds Braumanufaktur.

Weerhuus has been active in Wathlingen since 2018. I'm fairly sure they have their own brewery but have emailed them for confirmation as the kit is a bit camera shy.


28th December 2020


Started on a small scale in the Mötzower Vorstadt district of Brandenburg in 2018, the Beetzsee Brauerei expanded in September and now uses a 6hl kit.


The Alsfelder brewery stopped brewing in November last year. All their beers are now made in Lauterbach.

Engelhardt Bier in Bad Hersfeld closed last year. Note that Binding have made beer under this name since they closed the original Engelhardt brewery in 1973, and this can still be bought locally.

I suspect CraftBrauSchmiede in Bad Vilbel may have closed as both their website and Facebook page are down. Confirmation one way or the other would be appreciated.

The brewery at Brauhaus Michelsrombacher Wald in Fulda is now known simply as Hohmanns.

Active since 2018, Schüller Biere started in Biebertal but moved their small brewery to the farmhouse museum in the nearby hamlet of Haina during September.

Although the brewery is still in situ, Gutshof in Herborn stopped brewing in September 2018. The former brewpub is now a steak house.

Using kit one step up in scale from many home breweries is Schmidsbrauwerk, a.k.a. Braufuchs, a tiny brewery in Kloppenheim, near Karben. The beers can be ordered online or collected in person and brewing courses are also offered.

It appears the last remnant of brewing in Malsfeld has closed. The website of BrauWerkstatt Malsfeld now redirects to the Hütt brewery and there's no mention at all on the Malsfeld brewery museum page (BrauWerkstatt and the museum both occupied part of the former Hessisches Löwenbierbrauerei). Again, confirmation would be welcome.

I'm almost certain there's no brewery but I've found a couple of references to Konrad's Brauhaus in Oberbiel, near Wetzlar. I've sent an email in the hope of confirmation.

Ranseler Hofbräu has been renamed Rheingauer Hofbräu.


Auricher Probier ias now called Stadtperle Aurich.

BrauManufaktur Baltrum closed in 2017.

Lonesome Oak Brewing opened in Braunschweig last year. There's no tap but they do have a shop at the brewery.


Volker-Bräu moved location in Alzey during early 2018 and installed new brewing equipment which means they can now produce their own beer. Previously, their beers were made at Hagenbräu in Worms.


27th December 2020


Hauff-Bräu in Lichtenau is due to close in March. Their beers have been bottled by Tucher since 2009, so that may well be where any brewing will be done should the name continue.

I've been told Hartmann in Würgau still brew their own draught beer. An email has been sent in the hope of confirmation.


It seems Bierfabrik stopped brewing late last year.

Due to a legal dispute, Brewbaker stopped brewing at their Moabit site in June 2019. Since then, Michael Schwab has brewed at least one beer at Brewer's Tribute and developed beers for a client which have been brewed at Brewdog Berlin. He hopes to open his own brewery but that looks to be some way off.


Does anyone know if Brauerei Heymann in Brandenburg is still brewing? Their Facebook page is down and I can't find any recent mention.

LaBieratorium in Cottbus closed at the end of 2018. Olaf Wirths now has beers made under the Kollabieratorium name at Binkert and Hartmannsdorfer. The new company is registered in Bamberg.

I'm not convinced Brauerei Knobinger in Jüterbog is still active. An email has been sent.

The Kavalierhäuser is Königs Wusterhausen has changed hands and is now a steak house. It's unclear if brewing continues but I suspect not. Confirmation one way or the other would be welcome.

Luckenwalde has been home to the Turmklause brewpub since 2018.

Haselbräu opened in Oderberg during the late summer of 2018.

The website for Kalkofenbrauerei Wriezen no longer works. Hopefully, they've just forgotten to pay the bill...


Bremen doesn't often feature on these pages but there's a new brewery to report today. Having been a cuckoo since 2014, Bremer Braumanufaktur, maker of Hopfenfänger beers, opened in the former Kellogg's factory north-west of the city centre at the end of last year. They have an on site tap and beer garden.

As if that weren't enough, when I was in Bremen a couple of years back I came across Brauzimmer Whity Wit in the Craft Bier Bar. At the time a nano, they invested in bigger but still bijou brewing kit early last year.


An old name in Hamburg brewing, Astra opened a brewery and tap at the western end of the infamous Reeperbahn in December 2018. Google Maps places it in Altona-Altstadt, the more reliable and the brewery themselves in St. Pauli.


Wernesgrüner has been sold by Bitburger to Carlsberg. The change of ownership comes into effect on 1st January.


21st December 2020


It's been confirmed that Luis Bräu in Markt Schwaben does have its own brewery.

In June, München's Giesinger opened a second, much larger brewery. Giesinger Werk 2 is north of the Olympic park in the Feldmoching-Hasenbergl district. The new site has an annual capacity of 20,000hl.


Bräugier opened their brewpub in Prenzlauer Berg last year. I believe some beer continues to be made at CraftZentrum.

I've noticed I'd mistakenly listed Pfefferbräu under Mitte rather than Prenzlauer Berg so have moved it.


Close to the border with Hessen, Brauhof opened in Hallenberg in the June 2018.

Coltro Brauservice moved as planned from the Knapsack district of Hürth to a new location opposite the AOK Insurance office in Hürth-Hermülheim. They now have a beer garden which opens in fine weather.

One bit of news that's escaped me until now is that Pinkus Müller have had a second brewery for fourteen years. In 1993, they opened a bottling plant in Laer which had a brewery installed in 2006 as the Münster site was at capacity. Exactly which beers are made where is unclear.


20th December 2020


I first mentioned Braustube Dachtel a couple of years back and it now seems to merit inclusion. The beer can be bought from source (please call in advance), as a well as the annual village festival. Output is between 20 and 30hl a year.

The brewing equipment has been removed from Mangold in Heilbronn. The house beer now comes from Dinkelacker-Schwaben in Stuttgart.

BIERkulturGUT in Philippsburg do no commercial brewing themselves. Their beers are made at Häffner, Bad Rappenau, and an undisclosed brewery in Rheinland-Pfalz.

It seems Zum Hirschwirt in Sulzbach definitely no longer brews.

It appears there's a brewery in the cellar of the Gastromenu food processing plant in the industrial Donautal district, a few miles south-west of central Ulm. The LAGO Genuswerkstatt arm of the company appears to have BellaVista beers made there.


Brewing may have resumed at Brauerei Krug in Geisfeld, although I have my doubts. The beers are available bottled but my recollection is it used to be draught only. I have asked the question and will put them in with the cuckoos for now.

Gasthaus Hasen in Waltenhofen is part of the Olivenbauer chain and apparently brews (draught only) special beers on a Braueule. The regular beers are made at Bernardi Bräu in Kranzegg (bottles with crown corks) and Hirsch in Sonthofen (flip tops). It's unclear where the regular draught beers are made.


Zum Grünen Baum in Boitzenburg no longer brews.

Taverna Obscura / Plattenburger Brauerei was expected to close at the end of 2019 and appears to have done so. I've emailed them, just in case.


In November last year the Holsten brewery moved form their old home next to the railway in Altona-Nord to a new site in Hausbruch, 7 miles to the south.

Buddelship Brauerei was evicted from the Stellingen (not Eimsbüttel) site in the spring. They appear to be moving to Große Elbstraße in Altona-Fischmarkt. I have no idea where the beers are currently being made.

Wildwuchs Brauwerk opened their own brewery in Wilhelmsburg at the end of 2018.


Weschnitztaler Braumanufaktur in Fürth (Odenwald) has closed.

Haldorf's Edermünder Brauscheune closed in April last year..

All beers on sale at Bramanufaktur Steckenpferd in Kassel are made at Schinkel's in Witzenhausen. Although they do have plans for a brewery somewhere in the city, there is no timescale for this.

The Heidenroder Craft Brauerei in Nauroth closed last year.


Having operated as a cuckoo for a year or so, Synde Bräu opened their own brewery and tap in Leipzig in late summer 2018.

Sternquell moved east out of Plauen to a new brewery in Neuensalz during 2016. The office remains at the old site.


Lorenzhof in Warsleben has closed and the brewing equipment has been sold.


19th December 2020


It seems the Donauwörther Brauhaus has actually been active since spring last year. They currently brew on a Braumeister above Café la Kimi at Hindenburgstraße 21. The beer is available in the Café and work is progressing on their future home at Zirgesheimer Straße 31.

Brauhaus Germering moved from their original Friedenstraße site to a new location across town at Dorfstraße 15 last year.

Hohenwart in the Paar valley has had a brewery since 2018. Metzgerbräu revives the name of a brewery that existed on the site between 1858 and 1909.

Mention of Hohenwart (Paar) has caused me to correct the location of Hohe-Wart-Bräu from Hohenwart to Hohe Wart.

It seems Hanscraft have been brewing almost unnoticed in Niedernberg for the past couple of years. Although their regular beers are made at the Bürgerliches Brauhaus in Wiesen, one-off's and small batches are brewed using their own kit at Nordring 53-55. They've also got plans for a brewery a 10 minute walk away on Rüttelweg.

It appears Institut Romeis's brief flirtation with commercial brewing is over. The sole outlet no longer stocks their beers and you can't buy them from the brewery either.


18th December 2020


Hinterhofbräu in Aichach closed during September.

Does anyone know if Hauff in Lichtenau still brews? Their website is down and I've been told they may have closed.


Quartier-Bier doesn't actually have its own brewery. Their beers are made at Brewer's Tribute in Marzahn.


G.Bräu in Brieselang has been renamed G.Broi to reflect the fact their beers are made with herbs, not hops. However, although they were still making draught beers in their own premises until last year, they now solely have their stuff made elsewhere (mostly CraftZentrum in Berlin), so I have moved them to the cuckoo section.

Despite being directly opposite Niederfinow railway station, the Barnimer Brauhaus and the station are both in Struwenberg.

Hebenbräu of Schmerzke now has a tap in central Brandenburg called Büro Hebenbräu.


Brewing ceased at the Kaiserliches Postamt in Parchim around the end of 2017.

It seems highly likely Recknitz Bräu in Wohrenstorf has closed. Confirmation one way or the other would be welcome.


Gaffel relocated from the old brewery next to the railway south of Köln Hauptbahnhof to Porz in March 2016. The new site was originally the home of Richmodis and used by Gaffel until around 2006 (I think).


It look like there was briefly a microbrewery in Brotdorf, near Merzig. Unless anyone knows differently, Braumanufaktur BH appears to have come and gone during 2014. Judging by a phot on their Facebook page, it appears the brewery was at Rubensstraße 2


The Sylter Hopfen / Westindien brewery in Flensburg has had a smart new tap since may last year. Genusswerk Flensburg opens six evenings a week.

Lillebräu opened in Kiel during December 2018.

The Südtondern Brauerei opened in Niebüll during 2018. It's located on an industrial estate near the Sylt Shuttle entrance. The brewery opens for sales on Thursday afternoons but the beers are available in nearly every Edeka and REWE in the region.


17th December 2020


Closed in 2012, the former Hösl brewery in Irchenrieth reopened in the summer as Brauerei Molter.

The Kleines Pleinfelder Brauhaus is now known as Kleines Brauhaus Sonnenhof. Happily, they brew rather more regularly than was previously the case.

Beers for Kellner's Kellerbräu in Waidhaus are made elsewhere. Their own kit (at the rear of the Flamingo pub) is only used for trial brews.


I'm sure it won't be news to many of you but Brewdog took-over Stone's Mariendorf brewery in May last year.


The BrauWerk brewpub opened in Schwedt during autumn 2018.


Phinyo Beer has been operating in Stockstadt am Rhein since 2018.


One that came and went without me noticing was Batbrew in Achim. Brewing started in 2017 and ceased in November 2018.

The Hillthaler brewery is in Apen, not Kayhausen - the latter is the business address.

Despite its small size, there's a second brewery to report in Grasdorf. HarryS Craft Beer is on a small industrial estate north-east of the village.

Although still based in Hasperde, Denner Bier have ceased brewing there and have instead used the former Röhr Brauerei in Sonneborn since April 2017.

The Inselbrauerei on Langeoog has moved again, this time to Kiebitzweg 10.

Tennenbräu is no longer made in-house at the Lübener Tenne in Lüben, although it's unclear where it is brewed.

CM Keller Bräu in Rössing closed during the summer of 2018.


I first mentioned Düsseldorf's OH! macht Bier a.k.a. OH! die Kneipenbrauer back in 2018. Paul Lockwood tracked-down some beer made on their kit in Hitchcoq in May last year. The way it worked was the brewing equipment is taken into whichever pub wants to use it for mashing, then fermentation, etc. is done on the same premises. The owners are based at Remscheider Straße 15 but it's doubtful any brewing is done there. Unfortunately, both websites are down, so it could be they no longer exist - does anyone know?

The Haus Kölscher Brautradition in Köln, home to the stable of Kölsch brands acquired by Radeberger over the years, is expected to close next year. Production of all the brands made there is being transferred to the Früh brewery.


Kell am See has had a brewery since September 2018, the somewhat obviously named Keller Brauerei.

Eulchen started brewing in Mainz towards the end of 2018 and their tap opened in the spring of last year.


Magdeburger Privatbrauerei beers are actually brewed at ElbBrauerei Frohse.


The brewery in Schleifriesen is actually call Holzländer - Ziegenmühle is the name of the tap.


13th December 2020

I'm back. Usual excuses and apologies.

Part one of a big update is below. I had intended to do the whole country in one hit but after three weeks of working on this lot, I thought I'd share the result with you today. The good news is that far more has opened than closed. Hopefully, info on the remaining 14 states will be out before Christmas. Not that there's any rush...


There are tentative plans for a brewpub in Balingen. Balinger Adlerbräu beers currently produced at Schlossbrauerei Hohenthan and Lehner Bräu. Location of the brewpub unknown, but the owner's business address is in nearby Dürrwangen (see Contract / Cuckoo).

Brewing should start any day at Zum Sonnenwirt in Bopfingen.

Brewmaltser, a.k.a. Braxar, a.k.a. Brusl Bräu in Bruchsal has closed.

Engel in Crailsheim will move across the Bavarian border to a new site close to Feuchtwangen in 2022. The new brewery will be near the A7 and the village of Reichenbach.. They had hoped to stay in Crailsheim and expand but local residents objected on environmental grounds.

Another casualty is Wichtel in Esslingen. The three sister Wichtels remain open although the one in Ditzingen does not brew.

Privatbrauerei Düsterhus opened at the Krone in Gemmingen last year.

Zum Stadtpark in Hockenheim closed last year.

Karlsruhe's boasted a ninth brewery since late 2018. Hopf nei is in the Durlach district.

Currently brewing their wort at Stiftsscheuer and transferring it to Notzingen for fermentation, Braurevolution have begun work on their own brewery in Kirchheim.

Located in the Von Berg family home, Brauerei von Berg began brewing in Kürnbach earlier this year.

The Lobdengau-Brauerei has moved from central Ladenburg and now occupies part of the Gutshof, midway between Ladenburg and Schriesheim.

Ladenburg should have a second brewery from next spring. Brauhaus zur Güld'nen Rose will be in the heart of the historic old town, just around the corner from the original location of the Lobdengau brewery.

Four kilometres south-east of Lauf is the hamlet of Laufbach, now home to the Spitzbuckel brewery, a.k.a. Brauwerkstatt Bäuerle. Located in the former Gasthaus Glashütte, they supply a number of local outlets and are open for direct sales on Fridays and Saturdays - see website for details.

The former Barfüßer in Leutkirch became independent in 2018 and is now called Leutkircher Kulturbrauerei.

Meanwhile, in Ludwigsburg, Rossknecht have acquired the former Brauhaus am Solitudeplatz and in a nod to the original name, renamed it Rossknecht im Sudhaus. The wort is brewed at Rossknecht and transferred here for fermentation and lagering.

The beers for Gasthaus Traube / Seebräu in Ludwigshafen are brewed at Schlossbrauerei Aulendorf, not in-house.

Having reduced range and output some years ago, Brauerei Mall in Meckesheim closed last year.

Feldrennach, a district of the Straubenhardt municipalty, has been home to Häselbräu since 2018. They don't have a tap but the beers can be bought from the brewery on Wednesday evenings, while Rössle in nearby Ittersbach appears to a good bet for the beers on draught.

Hopfenschlingel in Pforzhem closed during 2016 but reopened last November as Platzhirsch. They brew one beer in house and have a seasonal from Brauhaus Pforzheim.

In a surprising move, the small Brauhaus Zollernalb in Albstadt-Ebingen took over the much larger but insolvent Lehner Bräu in Rosenfeld during February.

Stuttgart brewpub Calwer-Eck-Bräu closed earlier this year.

Sophie's Brauhaus has had a second outlet in Stuttgart's Bad Cannstatt district since 2016. Although identically named, this one doesn't brew.

Closed between 2015 and 2018, it appears Zum Hirschwirt in Sulzbach may have shut again. Any information would be welcome.

Brauhaus am Schlößle in Sulzbach is now known as Sulzbacher Schlösslebräu.

Weissacher Tälesbräu opened in Unterweissach almost exactly two years ago.

South of Leutkirch, the village of Urlau has seen brewing return after an absence of 90 years. Urlauer Genussbrauerei is on the site of the former Brauerei Wiedemann, closed in 1929 following the murder of the brewer's wife. Be warned that much of their regular output is brewed at Stolz in Isny with only special and smaller batches currently made in Urlau. Dorfgasthof Hirsch serves as the tap.

Stiftungs-Bräu in Waldwimmersbach stopped brewing during 2016.

Stadtbräu Rimmele in Wangen is now called Stoffel's Stadtbräu.

In the heart of Weil der Stadt is the Hechtbrauhaus, home since 2015 of Hechtbräu. This is a revival of sorts of a brewery which closed in 1960.


Hell-Bräu in Altötting did not, as was reported at the time, cease brewing in 2008. Although most beers were contracted-out, the Dult Märzen continued to be made in-house and they have now resumed brewing the full range.

The rural Augsburg district of Bergheim is now home to Rotes Pony.

Due east from Bergheim is the Haunstetten-West district, home since 2018 to Sprengstoff. Their website lists several outlets.

The owner of the Marienbad hotel and restaurant in Bad Wörishofen uses a Braueule to make his own 'Eichwälder 25' beers.

Previously listed as a cuckoo, Hopfengarten in Bamberg does in fact brew. The regular beers are made by Keesmann (I think), but the specials are brewed on the kit at the rear of their shop.

Bamberg's oldest pub, Zum Sternla, started brewing in autumn last year.

Just down the street from Schlenkerla and Ambräusianum, Ahörnla in Bamberg is planning to brew from next year. The building is no stranger to brewing as it was the home of Brauerei zum Einhorn from 1366 until 1961 when brewing moved to the then new Brauerei Doppel near Greifenklau, although that closed just 10 years later. Ahörnla has had two house beers made at Mahr's for several years.

As if all that wasn't enough, Bamberg's fourteenth brewery started brewing at the end of October. Landwinkl Bräu is a five minute walk down the road from Fässla and Spezial. Messers Land and Winkler had previously made their beer at Strauss in Hirschaid and I suspect some still originates there.

I'd previously filed Maisel and Friends as simply a brand of Maisel in Bayreuth but they do actually have a separate brewery and tap to the south of the Maisel complex. Maisel & Friends first brewed in December 2015 and the adjacent tap is called Liebesbier.

It seems there's been a small brewery in equally small Buch, near Wolnzach, since 2015. Shuba appears to be located on a hop farm - I've emailed them in the hope of confirmation.

Spring should see brewing return to Donauwörth after an absence of 40 years with the opening of the Donauwörther Brauhaus.

Gabreta Silva / Böhmerwald Brauwerkstatt in Engelmannsbrunn has closed.

The planned revival of Brauerei Weller in Erlangen will now be located in the Thalermühle, north-west of the railway station on the Regnitz. The pub is already open.

Meanwhile, less than a kilometre away in the district of Alterlangen, since November last year Marco Krapp has been brewing his Krapp Bräu beers at his family's Gasthof Drei Linden, a.k.a. Schnitzelkrapp. He currently uses a Brewmaster but recently placed an order for a much larger Brewiks system which should be installed next summer.

And yet more from Erlangen where plans have been unveiled for a small brewery at the Entla's Keller. The house beer is currently made at Drei Kronen in Memmelsdorf.

The Fürth district of Burgfarrnbach is ostensibly home to Spezialistenbräu, a mobile brewery operated by a brewing association. Although not truly commercial, the beers do get sold at the festivals they appear at and are occasionally tapped at the Grüner Felsenkeller south of Burgfarrnbach. On that basis, I'm including them - good luck!

Stärker Bräu, a.k.a. Museums-Brau-Gasthaus Jägersruh in Garitz, near Bad Kissingen, closed in 2016.

Brewing on an occasional basis, Museumsbrauerei Goldkronach is run by an association of local residents. Check out their Facebook page for opportunities to buy.

Hammer is a hamlet south of Mühldorf so small that it's barely mentioned anywhere. One of the seven buildings there is Hammerwirt, a country pub that occasionally brews.

Haßfurt has had a nanobrewery since 2018, although owner Tim Zenglein was brewing on a non-commercial basis for several years before that. Zenglein Craft Kreativebrauerei uses a 50l Braumeister. The beers are all sold in 33cl bottles.

Closed by Schlossbrauerei Hohenthan in 1998, a revival of sorts has seen a brewpub open using the Klosterbrauerei Furth name. It appears crown capped bottled beers are still made at Hohenthann. The new brewery opened on 23rd October.

The Garmischer Hof hotel and restaurant in Garmisch-Partenkirchen started brewing earlier this year.

Braumanufaktur Lindner opened last year in Gebenhofen, near Affing.

Braukraft in Geisenbrunn closed during March.

Die Biobraumeister in Glattbach has reverted to something approximating its original name and is now called Brauhaus Bergmann.

Olchinger Braumanufaktur finally opened in Graßlfing on 22nd April.

Previously listed under Großweil, it seems the Glentleitner Brauerei is actually across a lane from the main part of the Freilichtmuseum which puts it in Schlehdorf.

Schloßbrauerei Haimhausen closed in February. Their pubs now sell Weihenstephaner.

Brewing was suspended at Hartl Bräu in Hainsacker last year. A decision on whether to resume is expected in 2021.

Hausen near Marktoberdorf is now home to Geltnachtaler Bierwerkstatt.

Herzogenaurach has had a second brewery since last year. The tiny Bierfabrik Hoehn uses a 50l Brewmaster and the beers can be bought at the weekly town market on Saturdays from 08.00-13.00.

The Starnberger Brauhaus is expected to move to across the Starnberger See from Höhenrain to Wieling during 2021.

The small village of Holzhausen near Bergen has been home to Brauschmied since the summer of 2018. The beer is available from the brewery on Fridays and can found in several local outlets.

A former chicken coop in Holztraubach is now home to Genossenschaftsbräu Regensburg. It's expected the brewery will move to Regensburg at some point.

Griesmüllers Altstadtbrauerei opened in Ingolstadt during July but as I've been unable to find a photo of any kit, I've sent an email requesting info.

Can anyone confirm if Schloßbrauerei Irlbach still brews? It was sold to Arcobräu in 2016 and the new website has no photo's of the brewery.

Never the most commercial of breweries, I have a suspicion Brauhaus im Wurzgrund in Karlstadt may have closed. Confirmation one way or the other would be welcome.

Kirchlauter has been home to Stöhrs BierArt since 2018. Beer can be be bought from source Tuesday to Friday evenings.

Konradsreuth has had a brewery since 2018. Kannerschreither Brauhaisla is on the old Hof road.

Kronach has a third brewery. Häferbräu is located in a former butchers shop directly opposite Kaiserhof. Apart from the brewery, the only regular outlet is Getränkemarkt am Kaulanger.

Lampl Bräu in Larsbach closed earlier this year following the death of owner Gerhard Stanglmayr.

Braumanufaktur Lippert in Lichtenfels has expanded from the original shed in owner Markus Lippert's garden to a purpose-built brewery near the football ground.

It's possible there's a new brewery in Markt Schwaben, but I'm not certain. I've emailed the owner of Luis Bräu in the hope of getting confirmation.

Just north of Würzburg, Margetshöchheim's old fire station has been home to the Marokkaner Brauhaus since summer 2019.

The former Brauerei Winkler in Melkendorf, re-opened a couple of years back as Bräuhaus Melkendorf, is now known as Brandholz-Brauerei.

Unertl in Mühldorf is to close by June. Unertl Weissbier an Leichte Weisse are already being brewed in Aldersbacher and the remaining beers will follow. There are, however, plans for an 'eventbrewery' in the Wegscheid district of the town.

Better news from Mühldorf is the opening of a brewery at Hotel Bastei last year.

Still more from Mühldorf where Innbräu plan to open a brewery and tap next to the OBI Markt.

Three years after it closed, the former Mühlfelder Brauhaus in Mühlfeld, near Herrsching, has re-opened as Brauhaus Herrsching. They brew just one beer in house with the rest coming from Irsee.

Bender in Mühlhausen is expected to stop brewing by the end of the year.

Paulaner spin-off Brauerei im Eiswerk in München closed at the end of 2018 as the site was being redeveloped.

Not too far from the Brauerei im Eiswerk site, down the hill from Paulaner am Nockherberg, is BrewsLi. They started in 2018 using a 50l kettle but have recently expanded and now brew using 2.5hl kit which is prominent in their new tap.

While repairs to the brewery are being carried-out, the Forschungsbrauerei in München is brewing at the soon to close Unertl in Mühldorf.

Committed vegan and chef Surdham Göb brews small quantities of beer in addition to cooking at Surdhams Kitchen in Laim. I suspect Göb Bier may prove a challenge to get hold of.

Also new in München is Richelbräu. Hobby brewers for years, they've offered brewing courses since about 2008 and finally went commercial last year with the opening of what they describe as Munich's only Zoiglstube.

Having brewed at both Giesinger and Paulaner, Philip Reber started Aubinger Bräu in the far western district of Aubing last year. The brewery is housed in an old barn behind his house,

A revival of sorts in Nesselwang where Bären Bier has been brewing in part of the old Bärenbrauerei since 2016. Sadly, the beer isn't available at the old Bären tap in front of the brewery.

The Barfüßer Brauhaus in Neu-Ulm closed just after Christmas last year. The building is being demolished and a new hotel, restaurant and brewery costing more than 10 million Euro will be built on the site. The new brewery is expected to open in 2022, although it's unclear whether it will be part of the Barfüßer franchise.

A 20 minute or so walk from Aich(Niederbay) station is the hamlet of Neuhof, home to Schuderbräu, a.k.a. Neuhofer Bierwerkstatt, since 2017.

North of Bad Kissingen, the village of Aschach is now home to Brauerei Aschach. Owner Christoph Bauer brews on Saturdays but it seems you can buy the beer direct from source during weekday afternoons, too.

Lenzbräu has been active in Niederdorf, a hamlet near Hilgertshausen-Tandern, since 2017.

Independent of the other similarly-named brewpubs for many years, the Nürnberg Barfüßer has been closed for much of the year although owners Tucher hope to reopen it once a new tenant can be found.

Streubräu moved to a new site next to the REWE in the Fischbach district of Nürnberg at the end of last year. The shop and admin remains at the old address in Altenfurt.

Saliter Bräu opened in a former dairy in Oberpframmern during July.

Brauhaus Oberstreu which had its beers made at Rother-Bräu in Rhön since 2018 due to a defective kettle has effectively closed. The owners have relocated 6km north to Stockheim and recently opened Stoxbräu, which is probably best considered a completely new brewery (well, it is).

Bio Bräu Wagner in Oberthürheim closed around two years ago.

Brauerei Wichert in Oberwallenstadt also closed around two years ago. Their Pils is now brewed in Weismain.

Ostheimer Bürgerbräu stopped brewing around four years ago. I'm unsure where the remaining beers are made.

The Tiefenthaler Hof in Patting is home to a small brewery. Draught beers are made in-house but the bottled stuff comes from Wieninger in nearby Teisendorf.

Brauer-Vereinigung in Pegnitz, a.k.a. Böheim Bier, stopped brewing by February this year at the latest. The wort is allegedly brewed at Heberbräu in Kirchenthumbach, transported to Pegnitz for fermentation and lagering, then moved again to Hirschau for bottling.

The owner of Biermanufaktur Sparifankal in Peiting is looking for new premises, although it appears they are still brewing.

Brauhaus Pfaffenhofen, a.k.a. Urbanus, stopped brewing in November 2018. The two remaining beers are brewed by Hofbrauhaus Freising.

Kleinbrauerei Rain closed last year.

Aichbräu opened in a former dairy next to the railway in Raitersaich earlier this year. It's open for sales each Thursday evening.

Mentioned on these pages a couple of years ago, it seems Tante Paula Gasthausbrauerei in Rosenheim does actually brew, albeit on a limited scale. Their main range is apparently brewed and bottled at Flötzinger but the 'Xaver' beers are supposedly made in-house on a 50l Braueule.

The communal Brauhaus Rossach appears to be at least semi-commercial these days with beer regularly available for sale.

Rossbach, near Wald, is home to the small Besi Bräu. Closely associated with local mead producer Markus de Met Mönch, among their products is a mead and Schwarzbier mix.

Garagenbräu has been active in Rottenburg an der Laaber since 2018.

Kesselbräu in Rudelstetten which used to supply the nearby Rieser Hof no longer brews. The good news is the Rieser Hof has had its own brewery since 2018. Owner Achim Schneller brews a Hell, Dunkel and Weißbier.

Schloßbrauerei Sandersdorf was acquired by Kucklbauer of Abensberg at the start of 2019. The range has been reduced to an organic Pils but there are plans to increase it. There are also plans to rebuild the brewery with a nod to the late Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser.

The Cheyenne Beer Factory has moved for a second time, this time out of Schmiechen. The new home of Fred Beringer's (a.k.a. Brave Eagle) brewery is Hofhegnenberg.

Punkrock Bräu has been active in Stulln since the end of 2018. It's only 50m as the crow flies from the village's other brewery.

Nick Siegemund and Julian Zuber started Deiblitzer Braubuam during 2017 and recently upgraded the brewery. The beers are sold in several local shops.

I think Gemeindebrauhaus Thundorf qualifies to feature on these pages. Although primarily a communal brewery for local residents, they do hold five or six 'Besenausschank' a year when tables are set-up outside and much beer is drunk. Thundorfer Bier is also available in litre bottles and 5 litre minikegs.

Although most of their beers are made at Rhaner Bräu, Bierschau do produce some commercial stuff on their own kit in Tiefenbach near Landshut.

Brauerei Reuter in Unternbibert stopped brewing in December 2018 but will apparently resume after modernisation.

Zur goldenen Schwanne in Unterschwaningen has been home to Schwannen Bräu since 2019.

Hoppebräu opened in Waakirchen in November 2018.

It appears there's a small brewery in Waidhaus, a small town next to the Czech border. Kellner's Kellerbräu apparently supplies the beer for Moll's Zoigl im Felsenkeller.

Deep in northern Franconia, Wallenfels might not be the first place you'd expect an Englishman to start a brewery but that's exactly what Rob Smith has done. The first beers from Malzschmied went on sale at the end of September.

Brandy's Braugarage in Wallersdorf stopped brewing earlier this year. Brandy Bräu beers are now made at Camba Bavaria in Seeon.

Wassertrüdingen's first brewery since 1935 was opened by the Lindenberg brothers last year. Biermanufaktur Wassertrüdingen / Gebrüder Lindenberg beer is available at the Regionalladen Kostbar shop in the middle of town, near the Oberes Tor.

There a small brewery in Weidenloh, near Pottenstein. Sägerbräu currently brews some beer at Binkert due to the size of their equipment but should expand enough in the next year to meet all of their needs in-house. Owner Johannes Brütting's family also have a mini golf course, beer garden and holiday apartments on site.

Having closed in 2015, Scheider in Weißenburg resumed brewing on a limited basis in October 2018. They brew just twice a year and the resulting beer is only available on draught at the tap. Their bottled beers are made elsewhere.

Not so good is the news Weißenburg's other brewery, Sigwart, closed in March last year. the remaining beers are made at Hofmühl in Eichstätt.

Wernberg has had a brewery since last year. Zoiglwerkstatt Wernberg has a small on site tap and beer garden

Wernecker closed at the end of September citing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their beers are now made by Kauzen in Ochsenfurt.

It seems Beim Olivenbauer in Wertach does brew on a limited basis using a Braueule. Like sister pub Tante Paula in Rosenheim, I believe only the Xavere special beers are made in-house

Brauwerk Allgäu opened in Wildpoldsried last year.

Wolframs Bräu started brewing in Wolframs-Eschenbach during November 2018. Owner Andreas Falk used to run Brauhaus Rothenburg.

Brauerei Hartmann in Würgau stopped brewing at the end of 2018. They'd been bottling at Göller in Zeil since 2014 and now all their beers are made there.