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19th November 2018


Das Brauamt is a tiny new brewery in Heddesheim. Most of their beer is made at Woinemer in nearby Weinheim but they do have their own Braumeister 50 which is used for trail brews but also for small batches. Good luck determining where the beer was made should you be lucky enough to find it.


Lindwurm Bräu in Augsburg is not currently brewing but may resume in a few months. (Paul lockwood)


16th November 2018


Mangfallbräu in Heufeldmühle has closed due to the owner relocating to Switzerland. (Paul Lockwood)

A hop grower in Mainburg, Hopsteiner, has installed a small research brewery. The beers are apparently available at fairs but I'm not sure they could be considered truly commercial and don't mention beer as one of their products.

Brewing has been suspended at Brauhaus Oberstreu due to a defective mash tun. In the meantime, the beers have been made at Rother Bräu in Hausen.

The former Ziegler Brauerei in Waldsassen has been bought by Ratsherrn of Hamburg who are installing a small brewery there called Stiftland Brauerei. The first beers appeared at the town festival in July but were brewed in Hamburg.


Andreas Rauch currently makes his Braulust beers at Coltro Brauservice in Köln but has bought secondhand Dreher kit and is looking for a site in the Mülheim district to open his own brewery.


27th October 2018


Domänen Bräu stopped brewing in November last year. The beers are now made elsewhere.


Owner Ralph Senkel has confirmed Seven Craft is no more.


26th October 2018


Rommelmühle in Bietigheim-Bissingen closed last summer but then re-opened in November as Schnitzelhof, one of three Schnitzel restaurants owned by Brauhaus Pforzheim. The brewing kit remains in place and early reports stated they intended to send a brewer over a couple of times a week but they've confirmed that's not the case and the house beers are now made in Pforzheim.

Hausbräu Mülhaupt in Brombach has closed for personal reasons.

On a brighter note, Zum Hirschwirt in Sulzbach re-opened in June and has resumed brewing.


The future of Seven Craft in Ittenbach appears uncertain. Hotel Sangerhof where it's located closes at the end of next month but the restaurant has apparently been shut since February and it's not certain any beer has been brewed since then. (Roman Drüg)


25th October 2018


Wahnsinnbräu (Bistro Waldschenke) in Beutenhof (actually, Ochsenbusch), near Spraitbach, closed c.2014. llhaupt


Dr. Winni Maatz, owner of Winnis Brauwerkstatt in Olfen, has confirmed it is indeed commercial. The brewery opened a year ago this week.


24th October 2018


Hoffbruhuus Heidhoff opened in Oerdinghausen (near Bruchhausen-Visen) in 2016. It's part of a former farm that offers the chance to sleep in a hay hotel.


There may be a brewery in Olfen. I have emailed the owner of Winnis Brauwerkstatt in the hope he will confirm whether it is commercial or not.

Closed a decade ago, Mäckinger Bräu resumed brewing at the Freilichtmuseum in Selbecke back in 2016. The beers are sold in beyond the museum as well as in the on-site bars.

Does anyone have any info about the Straelener Brauhaus? I suspect they are cuckoo's and have asked the question.


The Stendaler Privatbrauerei has been active in Stendal since last year although it was only in January this year they began brewing on a bigger scale than your average homebrewer.


Kirschenholz in Hüttenwohld is now called Beer Brauerei although they do still make a few beers under the former name.


Bad Köstritz has a second, much smaller brewery. M A A C has been active since 2016 and opens one Saturday a month for sales - see website for details.

Hirt's Bräu started in Liebengrün just over a year ago. It's located in Hirt's Gasthof.

Ziegenmühle began brewing in Schleifriesen in July last year.


23rd October 2018


Barfüßer opened their seventh brewpub last week (Nürnberg is independent). the latest branch is in the former station building at Pfullendorf.

Heuberger Biermanufaktur has been active in Stetten am kalten Markt for a couple of years. They currently supply two local bars.

Weissacher Tälesbräu is a brewery planned for Unterweissach.


Does anyone have any info about Karlsfelder Brauerei? The firm was regidtered early last year but both their website and Facebook page are inactive. I've tried emailing them but it got bounced back.

One change I'd forgotten to mention was the move of Paulaner / Hacker-Pschorr to a new location next to the A8 / A99 junction, 14km from the former site. This was completed in February 2016 and the old brewery has now been demolished.

Bottled beers for the Andorfer brewery above Passau have been made at the Löwenbrauerei for the last three years. Draught beer continues to be brewed in-house but there are plans to replace the current equipment with a smaller plant when it's life-expired.

I've mentioned this before but have been unable to get any confirmation. Does anyone know if Schalkhaus in Rück actually brews? They claim on the website to have done so for 10 years but I can't find a mention of the brewery anywhere else except Hans Carl's Brauerei-Adressbuch.


Motel Beer hope to start brewing next week. (Paul Lockwood)


Michelstädter Bier was bought by Pfungstädter in May 2016 an it's unclear if they still brew. I have asked the question.

Hausbrauerei Kramer in Rotenburg an der Fulda is now known as Biermanufaktur Rotenburg. The brewery has moved to the Schloßpark at Obertor 7 and now has a tap.


There's a small brewery in the village of Deibow, between Ludwigslust and Wittenberge. Hofbrauerei Deibow is part of a business that includes a bakery and organic shop.


The brewery at Öko-Markt Werretal in Vachdorf is know called Zaubierei. The beers are no longer sold at the restaurant there but are available in the shop and elsewhere.


22nd October 2018


Brauhaus Floß opened in the summer of 2016. The first brews were done using the equipment formerly at Hausbräu Schaller (see below) but they now use much larger kit. The tap opens every Wednesday evening plus one weekend a month.

Hausbräu Schaller in Floß seems to have stopped brewing around 2015.

Sadly, Brauerei Krug in Geisfeld has closed due to illness.

Brauhaus Germering started brewing in late June.


Motel Beer is a beer and coffee business run by an American, Canadian and New Zealander. They currently brew at Hops & Barley but are in the process of fitting-out their own brewery in Reinickendorf. (Ludger Berges)


Brauerei Schlüffken should open during December in the former signal box at Krefeld Nordbahnhof. The beer will be sold at the adjacent Nordbahnhof restaurant.


21st October 2018


Craftcell opened in Langenzell near Wiesenbach in July last year. They're basically a brewery for hire and are used by Axlbräu and Untraveled Road, at least.


The Weerhuus Privatbrauerei in Wathlingen is crowd funding to finance the purchase of brewing equipment. However, they also have beers on sale so these must be made somewhere. Does anyone know where?


19th October 2018


The village of Stettfeld near Ubstadt-Weiher has had a brewery sine May last year. Prestelbräu make a Pils, Dunkel and seasonal Weizen. The beers are sold in 1 litre bottles and are also available in barrels.

Stadtbräu Rimmele opened in Wangen a year ago. It is operated in conjunction with Farny in Dürren and the wort is taken there to ferment. Brew day is Thursday.


Yet another new brewery for Berlin. The Holzmarkt Brauerei is housed in three shipping containers at the Holzmarkt, a co-operative development on the north bank of the Spree, just west of Ostbahnhof. They have a small beer garden and appear to have been funded by Carlsberg.


The Heidenroder Craft Brauerei opened last year in a converted granny flat in Nauroth.

Ranseler Hofbräu has been brewing on a small scale for about a year. There are currently two beers, a hell and dunkel.


Lüdinghauser Brauwerkstatt has been active in Lüdinghausen for three years. They make two different Altbier and a pale ale. Two local restaurants sell one Alt each and the beers can be bought from the brewery on Wednesdays 17.00-18.30 (by appointment).


Pleiner Biermanufaktur has opened in the Waldschlößchen restaurant near the former railway station at Plein (closed 1981). They make one beer, a weizen called 'Pleizen' that's not always available.


Ybnstoker opened in Eibenstock at the end of last year. There are eight outlets listed on their website.

Norman Graf founded Nordmann's Bräu on an industrial estate in Torgau three years ago. He makes two beers - Schankbier & Starkbier.


Magdeburger Privatbrauerei opened recently near Magdeburg-Sudenburg station. They open on Friday afternoons.