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If anyone's interested, I've produced a brief 24-page summary of the brewery changes between 2006 and spring 2011. I now have a few copies available which cost, inclusive of postage, £2.50 each for UK customers and £3.50 for the rest of Europe. Click on the PayPal button below to buy one but do please allow a couple of weeks for delivery as I'm not always around.

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28th November 2014


Somewhere that has hitherto escaped my notice is Landgasthof Löwen in Obersasbach, near Achern. Daniel Köninger installed a brewery there in September last year. (Alexander Thamm)


Never assume. Back in June I reported the former tap of Sonnenbrauerei Ebermannstadt had reopened as Sonne29. I had contacted them after a tip they were brewing again but was told no, the house beer came from Bavarian Festbeer Brewery. Not being able to trace the latter I assumed this was just a rebadge or similar. However, I have now discovered the former Sonnenbrauerei has been bought by Carsten Raun, a Dane who organises Bavarian-style beer festivals around Europe. Brewing resumed in late spring and although the beer is principally made for his festivals, it also supplies Sonne29. Expectation is annual output will reach 500 to 1,000hl. More here. (Harri Hurtig, Alexander Thamm)

Camba Bavaria should soon be opening the Camba Old Factory in Gundelfingen, a large pub which will include a small brewery.


I've had confirmation from the Freilichtmuseum in Selbecke that the brewery is not currently in use.


27th November 2014


Do not be fooled by Brauhaus zu Coburg. To be fair, they make no claim to brew themselves - the beers come from Kulmbacher.


Hans-Adolf Knopp, mayor of Grasdorf and one of the men behind Schwarze Huhn has confirmed the beer is regularly available at local festivals and it can be considered commercial. The brewery itself is at the Richers family farm in the centre of the village.


There are plans for a brewpub on the site of the former Braugold brewery in Erfurt. The rest of the land there will be redeveloped for housing.


26th November 2014

I have decided to add a page outlining all contract and cuckoo brewers I am aware of. This is likely to take some days. If you believe I have missed any or think the information inaccurate, please feel free to enlighten me.


As anticipated, Dorfbrauhaus in Amönau has indeed closed. The former tap is now a Greek restaurant and the brewing equipment is now in use at the Osterbach Brauerei in Gemünden. Happily, Hausbrauerei Armin Latzko is still going strong. (Armin Latzko)


Volker Quante has been in touch with an address for Schmierliger Lachs. Stefan Rigger and Steffen Wöckener make around 60hl per year of very elusive beer.


25th November 2014


I have my doubts about both breweries in Amönau and have emailed Armin Latzko in the hope he will be able to clarify the situation there.


Andrea Pieroncyzk of Kaiserliches Postamt in Parchim has confirmed they are indeed brewing again. Following closure in early 2011 the building was refurbished before reopening on 1st September 2012. There are three regular beers plus seasonals.


In case you encounter mention of Brauhaus Dröge in Geoargsmarienhütte I can confirm they do not brew.

Another possible brewery to report is in Grasdorf, near Holle. Schwarze Huhn appears to be more of a hobby than anything more commercial but I have emailed them for more information.

Does anyone know if the Paul-Lincke-Treff in Hahnenklee is still active? It only opened once a week and I've heard mixed reviews so I wonder if it has shut.

Several years ago I appealed for information regarding Schmieriger Lachs of Groß-Ellendorf, near Uelzen. It seems they are brewing but limit themselves to small batches of strong beers. However, I cannot trace an address. If anyone out there could assist, I would be most grateful.


Cornelius Bräu of Aachen make their three beers over the border at the Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi.

As there is no sign of Brauhaus Leddeköpp in Heisterbacherrott reopening after almost two years closed I have decided, with regret, to delete it.

It would appear beers is again being brewed at the Freilichtmuseum in Selbecke, near Hagen. I have emailed them for confirmation.


24th November 2014


Dinkelacker-Schwaben has a shiny new tap in central Stuttgart. Carls Brauhaus is on Schlossplatz, a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof.


Radigk's is know known as the Finsterwalder Brauhaus.


Pick the bones out of this one. There is a brewery museum in part of the Hessisches Löwenbier brewery in Malsfeld. Both are owned by the Hütt Brauerei in Knallhütte. Now, to complicate matters, there is a tiny brewery at the museum producing BrauWerkstatt Malsfeld beers. The question is, does this count?


It appears brewing has resumed at the reopened Kaiserliches Postamt in Parchim. I have emailed them for confirmation.


23rd November 2014


If you encounter Brauhaus am Caracciola Platz in Remagen and think I've missed it they do not brew. The two Rigo Bräu beers served there are made by Lahsteiner.


Münch-Bräu in Eibau is now known as Privatbrauerei Eibau or, more commonly, Eibauer.


Does anyone know anything about Bölke in Oschersleben? It opened in 1999 but appears to have closed some time ago. However, it is listed in the latest Brauerei Adressbuch.


22nd November 2014


I don't think it counts yet but one to keep an eye on is Arnsberger Mühlenbräu.


If it hasn't already, the Idarer Brauhaus should be open soon in Idar Oberstein.


21st November 2014


Owner Christian Böhm has been in touch to confirm that although the tap is currently closed, Gutsbräu Straßkirchen continues to brew.


The first brew at Zum Rittmeister in Kemnitz is in the lagering tanks and should be on sale from 16th December.


20th November 2014


Manuel Müller has been in touch to tell me brewing has not yet started at Goikelbräu (see below).

Späth-Bräu in Lohberg is now under the control of Löwenbrauerei Passau. Brewing continues in Lohberg but all filling is now done in Passau.

One long-standing error to correct is the location of Weissbräu Schwendl. Although opposite Schalchen station it is in fact in Lengloh.

I did have my doubts a couple of years ago about the status of Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten. Happily, I have found this article which confirms brewing continues much as before. Seasonal beers are brewed in Seligenporten (about 50hl a year), the rest at Glössner in Neumarkt (Lammsbräu previously did this).

Schmidmayer-Bräu in Siegenburg is now known as Siegenburger Spezialitätenbrauerei.

It appears brewing may have stopped at Gutsbräu in Straßkirchen. The tap certainly closed in February due to insolvency.


Does anyone have any info on Hailerer Sudkessel in Gelnhausen? From what I can make out they appear to be a glorified hobby.

The old station building in Kilianstädten has been home to the Schönecker Brauhaus since early last year. The beers are sold at the adjacent Wirtshaus im Alten Bahnhof.

Stefan Schmidt has a small, entertaining-looking brewery at his Getränkeschmiede drinks business in Kronberg. A variety of beers are made and sold under the Schmidt name.


19th November 2014


There appears to be a new brewery up in the hills above Lohr am Main. Halsbach is home to Goikelbräu, the first beers for which were brewed in Stadelhofen. I have emailed owner Manuel Müller for confirmation.

Willi Reber has been in touch to say he suspects the mobile kit used to make Kleines Brauhaus Straubing beer belongs to Brauerei Erl in Geiselhöring. The only question is, does it count?


18th November 2014


Bernd Bergmann's search for a new name for his Glattbach brewery is over. It is now called Die Biobraumeister.


17th November 2014


Yet another new brewery has opened recently, this time just east of München. Braukraft is in Geisenbrunn, a satellite of Gilching. I suggest a good place to buy / try the beers locally is Liebick Getränke, a small drinks market near Harthaus S-Bahn station in Germering. With around 1,100 German beers advertised, none of which are from national brewers, they have one of the widest selections in the state if not the country.


16th November 2014


There is a new brewery to report in the charmingly-named village of Poxau. Kalvarienbergbräu has been active since September.


15th November 2014


The first beers brewed at the new Burghauser Brauwerkstatt went on sale last month. I don't think they have a tap but you can buy the beer direct from source on Saturdays 10.00-16.00.


14th November 2014


In case anyone encounters mention of Richelbräu in München I can confirm they are not commercial but serious homebrewers, a fact confirmed on Paul Lockwood's recent visit.


Another cuckoo has been brought to my attention, this time in Köln. Böll Bier is made at Sünner. (Roman Drüg)


Christin Düwell from Hotel Alte Brauerei in Tangermünde has informed me it is likely to be May before the first house-brewed beer is on sale. The brewery equipment has been delivered but some structural work is required before it can be installed.


13th November 2014


Scheuerer Alm, the farm brewpub outside Aschau, is under new ownership and no longer brews. Since April it has been known as Gaststätte Scheuern.

If you encounter anything from Wampenbräu and wonder where it's brewed, the answer is apparently Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu.


Another beer commisioner / cuckoo brewer to report is Braustrom of Leipzig whose Monohop Ale is brewed at Brauhaus zu Röglitz, the new name (since 2010!) for Brauerei Koth in Röglitz. (David Israel)


12th November 2014


Zum Läuterbottich in Allmersbach closed around a year ago. The brewery has been removed and it is now called Fautenhauer Hof.

Although I've known about this for ages (years), I had until now failed to mention Baisinger Löwenbrauerei is now called Baisinger BierManufaktur.

Does anyone know if Wahnsinnsbräu in Beutenhof is still going? The website is offline and I cannot get an answer from the tap (whose email address doesn't work).

I am all but certain Kull Bräu in Heimsheim does not exist. Unless anyone can provide me with evidence to the contrary I will be deleting the entry.

I am declaring Brauerei Armbruster in Kirrlach kaput. There was no sign of activity when I visited in 2012 and I can get no response or find any recent reference to the business.

I have some doubt about Neuenstädter Biermanufaktur. Can anyone tell me if it is still open?

Bürgerstüble Sigmarswangen may no longer brew. I have attempted to contact them without success. Any of you know more?

Wehr-Enkendorf has had a second brewery since the summer. Brauhaus Meier is just up the road from Enkendörfle Hausbräu and open considerably more often.

Adler in Zuzenhausen is now known as Dachsenfranz Biermanufaktur.


11th November 2014


Does anyone know anything about the Bulzinger Brauerei in Bulzingen, near Rietheim-Weilheim? (Alex Deuerlein)

Ralf Eckart has taken the step-up form hobby to commercial brewer in Schnait, near Weinstadt. His Alte Werkstatt makes five regular beers plus a number of seasonal and one-off brews. (Alex Deuerlein)

Schwarzwald Gold of Vörstetten make their rather pricey-looking beers at Brauerei Rogg in Lenzkirch. (Alex Deuerlein)

There appears to be a nanobrewery in Zimmer, near Tuttlingen. Farrenbräu beer has been reported at a couple of local events over the past year and seems to be run on a part-time basis by Thomas Schlegel but that is all I know. Does anyone have an address or other information? (Alex Deuerlein)


If you encounter Tilmans Biere in München this is another who brews elsewhere. In this case, Gut Forsting. (Alex Deuerlein)

There has been a small scale revival of Plötz Bräu in Peißenberg, which closed in 1971. Plötz Bräu 2 opens for sales all day Thursday and Friday plus Saturday mornings. (Alex Deuerlein)

One of the smaller commercial breweries can be found in Der Bergbauernwirt, an alpine lodge in Sondersdorf, a few miles north of Oberstdorf. Two beers are made using bijou equipment that looks suspiciously like that used by the former Höllein's Wirtshausbrauerei in Immenstadt. (Alex Deuerlein)


Braumanufaktur Hopfenfänger is based in Bremen and makes four beers. They can be found in more than twenty outlets but are brewed elsewhere for this is yet another cuckoo.


One more beer maker without their own kit is Rahlstedter. Based in the Rahstedt district, they make one beer - Urknall. (Alex Deuerlein)


More cuckoo activity in the Hildesheim region. Hödeken Bräu is the brainchild of Jan Pfeiffer and based in Westfeld. Amyone know where the beers are made? (Alex Deuerlein)


Lengerich has a nanobrewery, the weekend hobby of a bank manager and a civil servant. The Teutoburger Brauerei makes a (Münsterländer) Alt all-year-round plus a few seasonals which include a Grut. Although they've been brewing since 2010, I believe it is only this year the beer has become commercially available. Sole regular outlet is the Hexenhäuschen. (Alex Deuerlein)

Brauerei Sandforth in Steinhagen appears to be a beer commissioner that I suspect uses Herforder. (Alex Deuerlein)

Dietmar Dangel has confirmed his Biermanufaktur Dangel in Wenholthausen brews on site.


Rhaunen has had a brewpub since the end of August, Brauhaus Alte Schmiede currently makes two beers. (Alex Deuerlein)


10th November 2014


Within earshot of the A9, Hartmut Schneider has been operating Stiagnbräu for about five years. The name translates as "Stairbrew", so-called because of the 34 steps you must climb to reach the brewery. With an output of 150hl per year it is larger than some full-time breweries but this is just one of his hobbies (the other is collecting tractors); by day he is an earthworks engineer. The beers are only available on draught. (Christoph Prinzl).

Adler Bräu in Schlüsselfeld stopped brewing at the end of last year. (Ludger Berges)


Another new name in Berlin is Ape Ales. Like a few others in the city, they do not have their own brewery. (Ludger Berges)

Former cuckoo brewers Beer4Wedding now have a new name their own place in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Like Marzahner Börsenbräu, Bierfabrik occupies part of the old Friedrichsfelde cattle market and shares the same address. Despite this, the two are separate companies and the breweries occupy different buildings on this substantial site. This is also where at least some of the beers of cuckoo brewers Spent Brewers Collective are made. (Ludger Berges, Paul Lockwood)

Andreas Bogk is hoping to revive his short-lived Bogk Bier next year at the former Willner Brewery in Pankow, part of which is now home to Emil's Biergarten. (Ludger Berges)

Brewbaker's new place on Sickingerstraße hasn't yet been finished. Since vacating his site in the Arminusmarkt (the tap has also gone), owner Michael Schwab has been using the closed Luckenwalder brewery to make his beers. The new place is expected to open in March. (Ludger Berges, Ulrich Schmidt)

In case you encounter Flying Turtle and think I've missed them, I haven't. Their beers are made at Pfefferbräu. (Ludger Berges, Dave Waldron)

Perhaps the most touristy of Berlin's established brewpubs, Georgbræu no longer brews. It is not clear where the beer now comes from. (Ludger Berges)

Be warned the beers from Brauerei Heldenblut are not commonly found as the brewery operates on a part-time basis. (Ludger Berges)

If you tried them, the beers sold earlier this year under the Söhnel Bräu name were brewed in Potsdam. The equipment for the brewery is now on site so we can presumably expect home made beers sometime in the new year. (Ludger Berges)

Many of you may already be aware that Stone Brewing of San Diego have announced ambitious plans for a brewery in Berlin. It will be in a former gas works in the Mariendorf district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg and is expected to open in a year or so. (Ulrich Schmidt)


If you encounter any Brewcifer beers it appears they are made at Buddelship. (Alex Deuerlein)

Already a fairly well-known name in the German 'craft beer' scene, current cuckoo Kreativbrauerei Kehrwieder should soon be brewing at their own site in the southern district of Sinstorf. The kettles arrived at the former Hansano dairy at the end of October. (Ludger Berges)


Gemünden (Wohra) now has a small brewery. Osterbach Brauerei currently makes just one beer but there are plans for seasonals. It is sold at the Alter Bahnhof in town and can also be bought direct from the brewery (draught only). (Alex Deuerlein)


Taking tentative steps towards full commercialism are the team behind Sickingen Bräu of Landstuhl. The two beers are available in one or two litre bottles plus a variety of barrels but do give them some notice. (Alex Deuerlein)

Another cuckoo brewer you may encounter is Fitza Bräu of Mainz. Their beers are made at Weschnitztaler in Rimbach. (Dave Waldron)


9th November 2014


I had considerable doubt Ratsbrauerei Bäuml in Rain still brewed as they now sell Graf Toerring beers (brewed by Hofbräu Freising). However, Josef Bäuml infomrs me "one or two" beers are still made on site.

Does anyone (not you, Mr Lockwood) know anything about Kleines Brauhaus Straubing? It is an offshoot of Wick Getränke in Straubing (Heerstraße 47-49). The wort is allegedly brewed on a mobile plant at an undisclosed Gaststätte before being transferred to a building at the rear of the drinks market where it is fermented, lagered and then bottled. At least one other local drinks market sells the beers. (Paul Lockwood)

Brauerei Martin in Unterneuses has stopped brewing due to the condition of the brewery and now sells Hummel beers from Merkendorf. (Jan-Erik Svensson)


There appears to be a small new brewery in the Sauerland. Biermanufaktur Dangel is in Wenholthausen and makes just one beer. I have emailed Dietmar Dangel for confirmation he has his own kit as the website lacks photo's. (Roman Drüg, David Hughes)


One of the smallest commercial breweries in the world has been operating in Witzhave since last year. Corbeker has an annual output of only 10hl but still manages to make eight different beers over the year. That's just 2,000 half-litre bottles. (David Hughes)


8th November 2014


Christoph Prinzl of the Deutsches Hopfenmuseum in Wolnzach has been in touch to report a new brewery in nearby Unterpindhart, at Landgasthof Rockermeier. They don't exactly trumpet this fact so I have emailed them for more info.


It appears Söhnel Bräu has not actually started brewing, yet. Beers on sale last month were all from Pyraser and our intrepid reporter was told they don't yet brew. This begs the question where the beers seen earlier this year (and shown on their website) were actually made. I have emailed them in the hope they can clarify the situation. (Steve Peck)


7th November 2014


The Kaiser brewery in Geislingen filed for bankruptcy in early September. At the moment, production continues. (Markus Brinker)

Close to Neckarsulm, Obereisheim is home to Naturkost Lang, an organic shop that now has a tiny brewery at the attached farm.

Brewing ceased at Mooswald Heimbräu in Wolfenweiler early last year. The tap is still open, selling Löwenbräu Elzach Kräusen. (Timo Alanen)


Bürgerbräu Wolnzach stopped brewing in August. Stocks of beer are expected to run out later this month but there are plans for the now closed tap to be reopened as a brewpub, presumably using the same name. (Markus Brinker)


Like Kaiser, Schaumburger in Stadthagen has also entered into insolvency. The firm has changed name to Schaumburger Private Braumanufaktur and, as the name suggests, intends to add 'craft' beers to the range. (Markus Brinker)


6th November 2014


An unconfirmed report from a local in Hirschzell suggests Schneble Bräu is not currently brewing. A visit found the premises shut but apparently functioning. Any news one way or the other would be welcome.

I'd had my doubts about it for a while and now Paul Lockwood has been able to confirm Mittenkirchner Brauhaus has closed.

The Cheyenne Baron Brewery in Schmiechen now goes by the name Cheyenne Beer, The brewery itself is no longer in the cellar of Schmiechen Castle - it has moved a short distance to the home of owner Fred Beringer (a.k.a. Brave Eagle), where you can also find the tap. (Paul Lockwood)


There is a small brewery at the Taverna Obscura cellar restaurant in Plattenburg. It is located in the Burg Plattenburg water castle. (Sascha Bruns)


The first new commercial brewery in Germany's smallest state since the GBGG was published, Tobias Grebhan has been brewing since July. Grebhan's Bier is sold at his beer shop in the Schnoor, Bremen's answer to York's Shambles. (Sascha Bruns)


Clausthal-Zellerfeld has a new microbrewery. Brauakademie Zellerfeld makes a Pils under the "Zellerfelder Münzbräu" name. The beer can be bought on Tuesday from 15.00 (after the weekly brewery tour) and at the local farmers market (Oberharzer Bauernmarkt) on Thursday evenings. (Sachsa Bruns)