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22nd August 2016


The Aalener Löwenbräu tap has closed. (Dave Waldron)


Liesbachbräu in Burgwallbach has closed. The building has been converted into a refuge for asylum seekers.

As both Paul Lockwood and I recently discovered on independent visits, Barleys Braukeller in Oberdorf is actually located at Zum Stein 8. They open for sales on Friday evenings and also sell the beers at the weekly market at Martinzell station which, oddly, in actually in Oberdorf.

Ratzbrauerei zum Bäuml in Rain has closed, seemingly around the start of this year. (Alexander Thamm)


Bogk Bier's new brewery has opened in Pankow. It occupies part of the former Willner Brauerei (closed 1990) and shares the equipment with Scheeeule. Emils Biergarten usually has some of the beer. (Ludger Berges, David Hughes)

As Thorsten Schoppe no longer has any involvement with Südstern his Schoppe-Bräu beers are mainly brewed outside Berlin although some specials are made at Pfefferbräu (where he's the brewer). (Ludger Berges)

Malz & Moritz have now opened their own brewery in Zehlendorf. Beers can be bought from source Thursday afternoons. (Ludger Berges)


Michelsbräu beers are no longer brewed in Babenhausen. Production ceased at the end of 2011 and they now come from Arnstein. (Alexander Thamm)


The Darß peninsula has a brewpub. Darßer Brauhaus opened in Prerow during the spring. (Rosi Kagert)


Mashsee Brauerei has moved from the location shared with the Braukontor shop to a new site further south at Am Eisenwerk 17. (Neil Berry)

Vorwalder Landbrauerei in Venne closed at the end of may due to ill health. (Roman Drüg)


Roland Rosner has opened his eponymous brewpub in Sohland an der Spree. It only opens at the weekend but there are conflicting reports as to whether this is Friday to Sunday or just Saturday and Sunday. (Roman Drüg)


19th August 2016


Gerber Bräu in Eschbach has closed along with tap Zur Alten Gerberei in Müllheim. This appears to have happened around three or four years ago.

I suspect Edelbrauerei Pohl in Schopfloch may have closed. Any information would be welcome.


Klosterbräu Bamberg will be sold to nearby Kaiserdom. The change of ownership will take effect on 1st February next year. (Han Winteraeken)

Brauhaus Ploss in Selb stopped brewing in the spring as the former owner retired. The new owners apparently have plans to resume brewing but it appears uncertain they will. (Han Winteraeken)


The former Wentzler Bräu in Contwig, latterly known as Wasgau Bräu, has stopped brewing. The beers are now made at Kuchem's Brauhaus in Pirmasens. Judging by a newspaper report it would appear this happened last year. (Paul Lockwood)


18th August 2016


Coburg has had a brewery again since the beginning of the year. Brauhaus zu Coburg is tucked-away near the market square and it appears to have strong connections with Kulmbacher. Just the one house-brewed beer available when I visited earlier this month - an amber lager called Veste Trunk. Also of interest in the town is a cheese shop I found called Stadt Sennerei which stocks the full range of beers from both Pax Bräu and Zombräu.


The brewery has been removed from Bayerischer Hof in Grünbach and they now sell beers from Blechschmidt in Treuen.