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If anyone's interested, I've produced a brief 24-page summary of the brewery changes between 2006 and spring 2011. I now have a few copies available which cost, inclusive of postage, £2.50 each for UK customers and £3.50 for the rest of Europe. Click on the PayPal button below to buy one but do please allow a couple of weeks for delivery as I'm not always around.

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8th January 2016


Zum Gründla in Kulmbach should soon have its own brewery. (Sascha Bruns)

Brewery equipment dealer Allgäu Zapf has opened a microbrewery at their Oberdorf base. Barleys Braukeller has an annual capacity of 50hl and the beers are sold through their online shop and can be found at occasional festivals at the nearby railway station (Martinszell). Sascha Bruns)

Oberasbach near Fürth has a new microbrewery. 1. Altenberger Brauhaus is in the Altenberg district and, remarkably for a Franconian town of 17,000 souls, this appears to be the first recorded brewery. (Sascha Bruns)

The owner of Hausbräu Schaller in Floß has unveiled plans to open a second, larger brewpub in the town. If approved, Brauhaus Floß will occupy a former butchers shop.


Convenient for Ostkreuz S-bahn, Straßenbräu opened in Friedrichshain last night. (Ludger Berges)

The first beers from Stone's Berlin brewery were released last month. The tap will follow in the spring. (Ludger Berges, David Hughes)

Another brewer to set-up in the Alte Börse in Marzahn is Brewers Tribute. (Ludger Berges)

Two Fellas brewery has been set-up at the Castle Pub, near Gesundbrunnen S-Bahn station in Wedding. Co-incidentally, there's a beer festival there this weekend... (Ludger Berges)

Currently using Bierfabrik's plant to make their beers, the three guys behind Malz & Moritz should soon be using their own self-made equipment in Zehlendorf, The only regular outlet is WerkStadt Bar in Neukölln.


Giessener Brauhaus stopped brewing around March last year. (Jan Menken, Adam Randall)


I'm not entirely certain he brews in his own brewery but Klemens Brinker now offers his own beers (among them a Grut) at his bakery in Georgsmarienhütte. Confirmation either way would be welcome. Back- und Brauhaus Brinker opens on Saturday mornings only. (Sascha Bruns)


Just north of Hamburg, Norderstedt has been home to the Hopfenleibe brewpub since November. It's a short walk from Norderstedt Mitte station and stocks a wide range of beers in addition to its own. (Markus Brinker, Sascha Bruns)


7th January 2016


Four friends have open a microbrewery in Bruchsal. Brewmaltster, also known as Braxar Brauerei, is in an industrial area just north of the railway station. The beer can be bought from source three days a week.


If you encounter any Alms Beer, it is made at BernardiBräu in Kranzegg. It is the brainchild of Hans-Hermann Höß, owner the distribution company which appears to be a spin-off Hirsch Bräu in Sonthofen (owned by the Höß (sometimes Höss) family). (Sascha Bruns)

Those of you who have yet to visit Brauerei Winkler in Melkendorf had better get a move on - it is to close at the end of the month. (Sascha Bruns)

Münchberg has a brewery again. Hopfenhäusla is a brewpub which began life in late summer however opening is restricted to two evenings a week. (Ludger Berges & Gernot Wildung)


The Union Brauerei opened two weeks ago. A revival of sorts, it occupies part of the site of the former brewery of the same name which operated between 1904-1968. (Dave Waldron)


Worrich's Pub in Forst has closed due to the retirement of owner Klaus Worrich. (Steve Beams)


Friedrich Drayß, owner of Back & Brauhaus Drayß in Lorsch is to open a second brewpub. It will be a few miles west in Bürstadt and appears set to follow the same concept as the original.

McMüllers in Fulda has been open since the spring but does not brew. Most beers come from the parent brewpub in Kofferen but the Zwickel is made under contract by an undisclosed local brewery.


There are plans for a brewery on the site of the former Mondi factory in Lindlar. Kaspar Schulz have been contracted to supply the equipment.

Brewing ceased at Meierhof in Ottbergen at the end of September. Their beers are now made by Rother Bräu in Roth vor der Rhön. (Sascha Bruns)


Frenzel Bräu has outgrown the Spree Pension and is now located around half a mile away, south of the football stadium. A second pub is now supplied (Zum Handtuch on the Hauptmarkt). (Tobias Frenzel)