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If anyone's interested, I've produced a brief 24-page summary of the brewery changes between 2006 and spring 2011. I now have a few copies available which cost, inclusive of postage, £2.50 each for UK customers and £3.50 for the rest of Europe. Click on the PayPal button below to buy one but do please allow a couple of weeks for delivery as I'm not always around.

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14th June 2015


The isle of Rügen will have a new brewery from the beginning of July. Rügener Insel-Brauerei will be in Rambin and appears to be a microbrewery with beer garden


The Idarer Brauhaus has opened in Idar Oberstein but does not yet brew. Beers from Lahnsteiner and Augustiner are currently sold. The brewing coppers are in place but there is no word on when they will be used.

Braumanufaktur Sander has moved from Mettenheim to Worms, changing name to Privatbrauerei Sander in the process. (Rosi Kagert)


12th June 2015


Ostheimer Bürgerbräu's tap has closed. (Paul Lockwood)

Much of the production from Kleinbrauerei Rain now gets exported to Romania. As the drinks market at the brewery has now closed, the beers are quite a challenge to find. (Paul Lockwood)

Hoppenbräu in Waakirchen does not actually have its own brewing equipment and the four beers are made elsewhere. Although I understand more than one brewery has been used the evidence currently points to Haimhausen as the source. (Paul Lockwood)


Sackbendel in Beerfelden closed last year. The building is now a tapas restaurant. (Alexander Thamm)

Some of you may have encountered beers from Braufactum, the cuddly 'craft' arm of Radeberger / Binding. I had assumed all their beers were made at the Binding plant in Frankfurt (that's their registered address) but Paul Lockwood informs me they use other breweries. However, he also discovered they have a very small brewery in the cellar of the famous Henninger Turm in Frankfurt. From what I can ascertain this appears to be a pilot plant used for experimenting with new recipes but an Imperial IPA brewed there was on sale at the recent Berlin Craft Beer Festival. Any further information would be appreciated.


Brockhagen, a village near Steinhagen, is home to a microbrewery. Brauerei Sandforth has a small tap room used after brewery tours but unless you're a visitor the beers are only available from a couple of local drinks markets listed on the website. (Roman Drüg)

Brothers Dominik and Matthias Mette started a small brewery in Schilprüthen, between Finnentrop and Eslohe, in 2012. You will need to contact Metten Hefemännchen in advance if you wish to buy the beers. (Sascha Bruns)


Although it does brew, home made beers are rarely available at Zur Ratte in Leipzig. They are only sold in the Festsaal so you'll have to visit when an event is on otherwise it's Krostitzer all the way. They hope to open a new, larger brewery next year which will enable their own beers to be on all the time. (Paul Lockwood)


The former tap of Landsberger Brauerei has closed. Happily, a new one has opened at the brewery itself. Brauer Stüble is open from 17.00 Tuesday to Saturday. (Paul Lockwood)


11th June 2015


Four friends from Endingen who starting brewing for fun in 2011 have now gone a step further. Ostel Bräu may not be fully professional but the beers can be found at local festivals and it seems they may have a summer-only beer garden on the Büchermarkt. (Sachsa Bruns)


Well-regarded Nürnberg Altstadt bar Hütt'n now has a picobrewery which goes by the name Nürnberger Burgbräu. The 50 litre plant is used to make just one beer, a 5.6% Märzen. It should be available from 18.00 Wednesday to Saturday evenings direct from the wooden barrel (Bayerisch Anstich) but I suspect the earlier you go the better. I suggest you combine it with a visit to the Altstadthof (opposite) and Wanderer (below the city wall). (Gernot Wildung).


Not for the first time, a brewpub has been installed in an old town hall. This time it is Naumburg that's the lucky recipient. Ratskeller Naumburg opened last year. (Sascha Bruns)


10th June 2015


After months of uncertainty and rumour, I can confirm Brauerei Sauer in Gunzendorf has closed. (Gernot Wildung)


9th June 2015


Ralph Forster, co-author of the excellent "Bierführer" series of Bavarian beer guides (together with Harald Schieder), has been in touch with some news, most of it good.

Firstly, there is a new bewery to report in Mirskofen, near Landshut. Zombräu was opened on 30th May by the Merches brothers, Tobias and Bastian.

Brauerei Mehringer a.k.a. Weißes Brauhaus in Neunburg v. Wald brewed for the last time at the end of April. Brother and sister team Wolfgang and Anna Mehringer now supply existing customers with beers from Jacob of Bodenwöhr, the brewery where Wolfgang now works. There are no plans to brew their old beers under contract.

Contrary to expectation, Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten is still brewing. The main range of beers which were brewed and bottled under contract in Neumarkt have been discontinued but others are still made in Seligenporten. The brewery is open on Saturdays.


30th May 2015


Goikelbräu in Halsbach now brews in-house. (Gernot Wildung)


Brauhaus Mitte and the building it stands in are completely gutted. Their website suggests this is temporary. (Paul Lockwood)

Circus Hostel Brewing is now open. Based in a Hostel, the beers are sold in the cellar bar, Katz & Maus. (Paul Lockwood)

Brewbaker are apparently up-and-running at their new location. (Paul Lockwood)


Diensdorf's Haus am See stopped brewing in February. The kit remains in situ but the beer is now König Pils. (Paul Lockwood)


Neustädter Hausbrauerei in Dresden now brew on two sites in the city. In addition to the original location on Schönbrunnstraße they also use what they call 'Sudhaus Schwingenheuer' at Hermann-Mende-Straße 9 in Dresden-Albertstadt. The former location brews Hecht Alt, Bio-Mittagsbier and Zetschwig Death IPA. All other beers plus contract brews are made at the new site. (Paul Lockwood)


23rd May 2015


The Rhön area of northern Unterfranken is home to another new brewery. Liesbachbräu is in Burgwallbach, near Schönau an der Brend. (Mat Wilson)

Camba Bavaria's second brewery, Camba Old Factory, opens in Gundelfingen today. Bottling will be done in Truchtlaching.

A few miles north of Regensburg is Hainsacker, the village where Hartl Bräu has been active since the start of the year. Four beers were recently available at the Regensburg Craft Bier Festival but I have no information on regular outlets.

The first of three casualties to report is Sonnenbräu of Lichtenberg, thought to have been closed for quite some time. I suspect any beers which may remain will be brewed by Schlossbrauerei Schwarzbach over the border in Thüringen. (Mat Wilson)

Brauhaus Schweinfurt closed at the end of April after the potential investor withdrew. Kulmbacher have bought the rights to the name. (Sascha Bruns)

Another, perhaps more surprising casualty. Schneider of Weißenburg stopped brewing last month. They now sell beers from Strauss in Wettelsheim. (Sascha Bruns)


Munruffer Bierfabrik opened in Mogendorf last year. (Alex Deuerlein)