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If anyone's interested, I've produced a brief 24-page summary of the brewery changes between 2006 and spring 2011. I now have a few copies available which cost, inclusive of postage, £2.50 each for UK customers and £3.50 for the rest of Europe. Click on the PayPal button below to buy one but do please allow a couple of weeks for delivery as I'm not always around.

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11th March 2015


There is a tiny brewery at Reith, an Einöde (solitary dwelling, in this case a farm) near Osseltshausen, Au in der Hallertau. The beer is available just one day a week. (Christoph Pinzl)

It seems Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten may have closed. A visit in November found no signs of activity and the owner / brewer cannot be contacted. I will be deleting it if no evidence it is open is forthcoming. (Christoph Pinzl)


Ahlbecker Kellerbräu has ceased brewing following a change of ownership at Hotel Seestern in Ahlbeck. (Sascha Bruns)

Somewhere I had heard may be brewing was Stolperhof, a farm museum in Stolpe on Usedom. Sachsa Bruns has been able to confirm they do indeed brew.


Julia and Torben Sass are brewing on a small scale in the garage of their house in Tarmstedt. Around 50hl of Burzel Bräu is produced annually, and it can be found in two local shops. (Sascha Bruns)


Anton's Restaurant in Erklenz has been brewing for about a year. A helles and IPA are made using a 2hl Spiedel's Braumeister. (Sascha Bruns)


The beers for Brauhaus Alte Schmiede in Rhaunen are actually made somewhere in Bayern rather than in house, at the brewery where Ralf Gewert was brewer. If anyone knows where that it, please let me know. (John Stant)


One one new brewery can be found in Unseburg, a village 25km south of Magdeburg. Just one beer is made at the Unseburger Brauhaus - a Pils. (Sascha Bruns)